RW Petr Sykora

Though Petr Sykora hasn’t turned into Crosby’s ‘wing-man’ that everyone expected him to be, he has turned into a solid player for the Pittsburgh Penguins. It was obvious that Sykora wanted to win as he actually called Ray Shero last offseason as being interested in playing for the Penguins. He did help the Penguins win with 63 points in the regular season and his playoff performance wasn’t bad either. Sykora was the man who scored the game-winning goal in that forever remembered triple overtime Game 5 Stanley Cup game against Detroit.  Sykora uses his quick speed to get past defenders and has a very nice shot to boot. One thing that Sykora though has never been able to accomplish is possessing a physical game since he’s a small 6’0″ flat. Hopefully with more chemistry with Malkin, Sykora will bump his point total from last year and help the Penguins even more in the playoffs.

Career Stats: 628 points, 275 goals, 353 assists

New Jersey Devils: 350 points, 145 goals, 205 assists

Anaheim Ducks: 131 points, 64 goals, 67 assists

New York Rangers: 31 points, 16 goals, 15 assists

Edmonton Oilers: 53 points, 22 goals, 31 assists

Pittsburgh Penguins: 63 points, 28 goals, 35 assists

2008/2009 Season Stats: 0 points, 0 goals, 0 assists


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