LW Ruslan Fedotenko

Though Ruslan Fedotenko best years are behind him, he still can be an adequate replacement for Ryan Malone. Of course he’ll be an adequate replacement since he’ll be mostly playing with Evgeni Malkin who makes everyone around him much better. He was a key part on the 2004 Tampa Bay Stanley Cup team. However, Feds (I’m calling him Feds) had a bad year last year on the New York Islanders (though who actually had a good year with the Islanders?). Even though he’s a big guy at 6’2″, he doesn’t use his frame enough as most people would expect him to. However, he’s willing to pay the price in front of the net and has good hockey sense. If he can put up at least 35 points for the Pens, he should be a solid one-year addition.

Career Stats: 239 points, 122 goals, 117 assists

Philadelphia Flyers: 62 points, 33 goals, 29 assists

Tampa Bay Lightning: 144 points, 73 goals, 71 assists

New York Islanders: 33 points, 16 goals, 17 assists

Pittsburgh Penguins: 0 points, 0 goals, 0 assists

2008/2009 Season Stats: 0 points, 0 goals, 0 assists


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