LW Pascal Dupuis

When the Penguins made that big block-buster trade in the middle of last season, everyone looked at Marian Hossa and sort of ignored Pascal Dupuis and Hal Gill. Soon enough Pens fans started to notice some guy wearing #9 for the Penguins with the name of Pascal Dupuis as he was becoming a productive player. Dupuis has made a smooth transition onto the Penguins team and onto Crosby’s first line. He has good energy so paired up with a guy like Crosby who also has a lot of energy helps them both out. He does need to be more consistent though. He’ll have a good string of 5 solid games, then tail off for the next 10. However, whether he can be a third line energy guy, or on Sid’s wing, I’m glad Dupuis plays for the Penguins.

Career Stats: 174 points, 83 goals, 91 assists

Minnesota Wild: 141 points, 67 goals, 74 assists

New York Rangers: 1 points, 1 goal, 0 assists

Atlanta Thrashers: 20 points, 13 goals, 7 assists

Pittsburgh Penguins: 12 points, 2 goals, 10 assists

2008/2009 Season Stats: 0 points, 0 goals, 0 assists


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