D Hal Gill

When the Penguins first acquired Hal Gill this past year, I laughed a bit. I couldn’t see this big, bulky and most of all, slow Hal Gill actually find success in the Penguins system which is about offense and speed. However, after a month went by the trade deadline day, I started noticing that Gill was flourishing in the Penguins system and is one heck of a defensemen. Obviously since Gill is a big guy, he’s known as a big hitter. This asset definitely helps the Pens when the another team tries to hurt their stars (Crosby and Malkin for the uneducated). Unfortunately though, since he is a big guy, skating is his downfall. Hopefully he can maintain the play he had in the playoffs this past year during the 08/09 year.

Career Stats: 141 points, 29 goals, 112 assists

Boston Bruins: 97 points, 20 goals, 77 assists

Toronto Maple Leafs: 40 points, 8 goals, 32 assists

Pittsburgh Penguins: 4 points, 1 goal, 3 assists

2008/2009 Season Stats: Coming soon…


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