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What The “A”?

September 23, 2008
In Soviet Russia...ahh screw it...that joke's old

In Soviet Russia...ahh screw it...that joke's old

In early August, I predicted who I thought should get the second alternate and the possible candidates. I had the expected Max Talbot, Petr Sykora, Brooks Orpik and Ryan Whitney. But I also included Evgeni Malkin, not expecting him to get it at all but to throw it out there because some thought he would get it.

I giggled at the thought of ‘Geno ever getting the second ‘A’ because the dude can barely speak English. So if he can’t speak English, he can’t communicate with other teammates as well. I thought that was a big deal right?

Not so fast my friend…

Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review recently wrote an article suspecting that #71 would get the second ‘A’. Talk about a TOTAL SHOCK. I would have to think that Malkin would be the one of the more least likely players to receive that honor. Usually a great teammate/role player like Talbot gets it or an old, veteran guy like Sykora would get it. But to give it to someone who can barely speak English, is only 22 years old is surprising and only been in the league for two years is surprising.

However, I like it but at the same time I don’t like it.

Why I like it…’Geno will be here for 6 more seasons since he just signed a 5 year contract with the Pens. What a great way to tell him he’s a big piece in this organization by putting an ‘A’ above the skating Penguins logo. Since Crosby gets most of the media attention, it wouldn’t surprise me if Malkin sort of feels neglected because he’s on the same level as him but doesn’t get any where close to Crosby’s star level. Like I said before, it’d be a great message to ‘Geno that the Pens organization is committed to him as much as they are to Crosby.

Add that it could give him confidence. It could give him the mindset that he’s one of the team leaders and make him work harder. Sometimes a boost in a player makes them play unreal (which is a scary thought since we’re talking about Evgeni freakin’ Malkin).

Why I don’t like it…he can’t speak English. Yes I’ve said it a couple times now but it’s important. If Malkin can’t speak English, he won’t be able to technically ‘lead’ this team. Yes I know that some players lead by example but when you’ve got to order someone to step up, you can’t do it when you’re speaking Russian. When it’s less than two minutes to go in the third period and you need a goal to tie it up, you can’t be motivating them in Russian. In order for Malkin to get the second alternate, he should speak the English language a bit more fluently.

When pressure is put on some athlete’s shoulders they thrive while others die. I’m afraid ‘Geno could be one of the fragile ones which will make his play worse. That’s definitely not something I nor any other Pens fans want.

My overall thoughts…I think Malkin should get the second ‘A’ NEXT YEAR. Learn some more English, then come into the 09/10 season with that brand-spanking shiny new ‘A’ patched onto your jersey ready to prove people like me wrong. It’ll only be a matter of time when ‘Geno will collect the second alternate…



He Said WHAT?!

September 23, 2008
It was fun Bugsy...

It was fun Bugsy...

So after the 07/08 season, everyone assumed that Ryan Malone was going bye-bye’s forever from the Penguins organization. It was his pay-day after his best year yet and he deserved to get the money he got from the ‘Bolts. It was a business decision for Malone to go, both on his part and the Ray Shero’s part.

However, in the PIttsburgh Tribune-Review, Malone has stated ‘A deal could have been done a long time ago’ with the Pens.

Sort of interesting how he says that yet he’s the one who wanted the money in the first place. Not only that but Shero wasn’t going to give him the big bucks he wanted and with all the contracts the Pens needed to extend, there was no way Bugsy was coming back. It’s unfortunate, yes, but it’s what he had to do. I wish we could have Bugsy back for this year but I expect Staal to fill in that role nicely in the coming years.

Not only that but Ryan’s been a inconsistent player throughout his career. He turned it on halfway through the year last year and that was it. I still remember the cries over at LGP for the Pens to get rid of him.



Sergei Gonchar’s injury apparently seems worse than once thought. He was supposed to have an MRI today earlier this afternoon and results to come in later. Many are saying it could be a separated shoulder which could really suck because he’ll be out for 4-8 weeks possibly. Though we’ll need him more in April than October, it is a bummer to have your two top defensemen out for a while.
The Pens D really can’t afford another injury. ..ugh.
Crosby > Zetterberg

Crosby > Zetterberg

Before I say what I’m about to say, let me just say I think Henrik Zetterberg is an elite hockey player. Got that? You did? Good.

Wes Goldstein of CBS, posted his top 50 player rankings last week and it struck some controversy with me. First off, why is CBS writing about hockey? They don’t even have hockey on their station so why care about it on your website? Laff.

Anyways, he has Henrik Zetterberg #1 over Alex Ovechkin and our very own Sidney Crosby. Ovechkin’s second and Crosby’s third. Interesting, I’d like to see a poll conducted by all NHL GM’s to see who they would take for their first pick – Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, or Henrik Zetterberg?

I’ll tell you the answer to that question….it’s zero, the answer is zero.


Is Optimism Finally In The Air?

September 13, 2008
Do you REALLY think he'll let this team struggle? C'mon...

Do you REALLY think he'll let his team struggle?

Yeah, it gets real old after a while. We keep hearing time and time and time again that the Penguins will be taking a big step back like the Senators took last season and so many before them took. We hear this…”HOSSAZ IS GONE THAT MEANS YOU SUCKZZ!!” Well we didn’t suck before him and we won’t suck after him. Yeah, we’re not big fans of suckers which is why we’re Pens fans and not Flyers fans.

Thankfully though the Penguins official website has posted an article that gives us Pens fans the good stuff about our team and not the crap that gets shoved down our throats from the haters. Now of course the Pens official site will post a positive article instead of a negative article because their next negative one they do post will be the first.

However, it does bring up a good point and that is the ‘expierence factor’. In any playoffs in any sport, expierence is essential espically in hockey. Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, and Staal (the core) are all one year better and have something that’s going be extremely important – Stanley Cup expierence.

They know how to get there, they know how to do it. So instead of facing the impossible task of ‘getting there’, it’s more of a ‘ehh been there, done that’. It’ll obviously still be very hard to get back there since the East is getting stronger with the younger teams that are starting to emerge as ‘elite teams’. But what the Pens can say and what the Pens have that the Canadiens, Capitals, Flyers, etc. don’t is the valueable expierence. I’d even have to say the expierence of being smacked by the Wings should help as well. They pretty much know they have to step up their game A LOT in the Stanley Cup Finals and play much better.

Another big reason why many are suggesting the Pens will struggle this year is that the losers of the previous Stanley Cup have a history of taking a big step backwards the next year. But the difference between this year’s Pens team and the past Stanley Cup runners-up is that Stanley Cup runner-ups keep the same roster while the Pens are a completely different team with new additions.

Now that could be a positive or a negative. I’m in a good mood tonight so we’ll start off with the positives.

Good: New players could change the complexity of the team and bring in a new mood that wasn’t there last season. The rest of the team forgets about the players that left and knows they need to form a bond with the new guys. Also, new players are more hungrier to fight out for positions and impress not only the coaches but the entire team. Which then makes the rest of the team up their level of play and make them better. Hungry team = Yikes (espically this one).

Bad: Chemistry is huge in hockey and none of the new guys will have it with the rest of the team. It can screw up timing and potential scoring chances in big games. The team last year was so used to playing and being on each other lines and now it’s a completely new system to work with. Therrian will probably switch lines up every night because of the newbies which will probably cause frustration among the team which will then turn out to be a bigger problem than what it should be. Not this Therrien, please, not this year.

However, in this case, I think I’ll bank on the hope that Satan and Feds will thrive on playing with two of the best player’s in the world. Crosby can make ANYONE look good and Malkin’s getting to the point where he can too. Add that Satan and Feds aren’t as far beyond on their primes as everyone thinks they are and I see the additions becoming plusses for us.

Speaking of ’87’, I loved this quote from the article…

“I don’t think you can really worry about it,” Penguins captain Sidney Crosby told “You have to look at things short-term. When you go that far, you start the next season thinking we have to get back there. That’s where everyone wants to be. But the process of the season doesn’t change because you were there the year before. You have to have a good start. There are different points of the season, whether it be longer road trips or a stretch of divisional games, there are certain points that are big. You have to realize and recognize what they are, the same as you would the year before. If anything, you have to use the experience you’ve gained to your advantage.”

I love it. Absolutely have fallen in love this quote.

First off, it shows that Crosby’s maturing. He realizes that every part of the season is important and you have to worry about what’s happening now instead of the future. The ‘expierence factor’ taught him that. Second off, does anyone really think Crosby will let this team struggle? I mean honestly, the kid (no pun intended) is so driven and so hungry that I doubt he’ll let HIS team slip into mediocrocity. After last season’s dissapointment, I bet he’s foaming at the mouth to get back to the SCF.

I’m not predicting the Pens to go back to the SCF. In fact, I got the Pens being upset in the second round. However, this whole crap about them possibly not making the playoffs and finishing in 7th or 8th place and barely making it in is bogus. When you have Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Marc-Andre Fleury, all still maturing and growing, you’re not going to barely make the playoffs.

Can’t wait till the season starts and have us prove the haters wrong…again.


Marian Who?

September 13, 2008
What a tool

Bandwagon jumper

Marian Hossa finally has given his reason on to why he left the Pens…

”Obviously, Pittsburgh is going to have a great team still but like I said, at the end of the day I decided to go to Detroit. I just felt there’s a little bit better chance.”

I hate to say it but he IS right. I mean other than Pittsburgh, Detroit truly is the best place to go right now if you want to win the Stanley Cup.

Oh well, I’ve been over him for a while now. You should be too.

Hossa’s a traitor and a tool.


We’re Catching Up?

September 9, 2008
Pittsburgh loves its 'kid'

Pittsburgh loves its 'kid'

This post has been pretty much spurned off of the Steelers 38-17 win against the Texans yesterday. So like many other Penguins fans, I’m a huge Steelers fan. Always have been, always will be.

However, as the Stillers (might as well throw a Pittsburgh accent in there) were celebrating yesterday’s solid win, I wondered about how popular are the Pens in Pittsburgh?

Well we DO know they’re more liked than the God-awful Pirates. Pitt freakin’ basketball is more popular than the Pirates. That franchise is a joke and probably will be for at least a few more years (ugh).

But what we also know is that the Steelers are king in Pittsburgh. Ever since the late 70s they’ve been on top of Pittsburgh and will continue to be on top for a long time. They’re one of the most successful franchises in the NFL and have been the only consistent winner in Pittsburgh.

But have the Penguins been closing the gap as of late?

My answer to interesting questions is…yes, they are. Mellon Arena has sold out the past 60+ home games for the Pens and I don’t see that ending anytime soon, especially with the new arena coming in a couple years. The first and second round playoff tickets for games 1 and 2 this year were sold out within a matter minutes. The demand for season tickets is incredibly high and have never been higher since. During March, April, May and June, there were Penguins billboards and posters all around the city and there was just a buzz about them. They were like a new breath of fresh air. No one was used to it yet they were loving it.

A pretty large reason why the Pens are gaining support and attention that’s close to the Steelers is because of one man, and one man only…Sidney Crosby. Basically when Ben Roethlisberger started doing his ‘thing’ with the Steelers, the women of western, PA went ‘ga-ga’ over him. Well when Crosby hit the ice as a young 18 year old and of course shining in his rookie season, the women of western, PA went ‘ga-ga’ over him. Hell there some men out there that go ‘ga-ga’ over Crosby (as scary and freaky that is). Point is, he’s a superstar icon in a city that loves and worships its stars. Go to a Pens game at Mellon Arena and you’ll notice at least half are wearing Crosby jerseys. He’s given fans of this city a reason to actually come to the games and spend their money on him and ‘his’ team.

Of course the rapid turnaround in the Pens play has obviously helped…how couldn’t it? Two years ago the Pens were one of the worst teams in the league and then all of a sudden the ‘kids’ are in the Stanley Cup Finals?! Yeah, I think that might have something to do with it. Even though what I’m about to say it’s sort of sad, most Pittsburgh sports fans are bandwagon jumpers. NO ONE was at their games two seasons ago. Now it’s almost impossible to actually go to a game. Pittsburgh loves winners and that’s what they’ve given them the past two years.

About the winners thing. Let’s face it, the Pens are going to be one of the elite teams in the league for a while now. They got their core almost locked up and with two of the three best players in the league, there’s no reason to think the Pens won’t win a Cup or two here in the next few years. You see that, I see that and Pittsburghers see that. They’ll always have their Steelers to watch in the playoffs of course, but the Pens are now an exciting team and growing one at that.

I also think the duo of Crosby and Malkin sort of brings backs memories of the days of Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr. Two incredible, breath taking players that can impact a game like ‘that’ creates buzz around the franchise. To have one of them on your team is something you should be thankful for but to have TWO is something amazing.

The Steelers will always be #1 in Pittsburgh, that’s obvious. In Pittsburgh they sure do love their Steelers and literally eat, breath and sleep Steelers football. But the Pens are closing the gap and are actually becoming a VERY close #2 team behind the Steelers…and that’s exciting.


Is That All You Got?

August 24, 2008
Ahhh sports journalists. Some are wise about the sport they cover, some are…well…not so smart. It’s summer time so whenever there’s a hockey article written, us hockey fans love to read and (what I’m about to do) pick it apart because whoever wrote the article is in the ‘not so smart’ category.

So as I was surfing around last night on the internet like I do and I found a new NHL article on Sportsnet. I then think “Sweet, hockey stuff!” Until I read one of the paragraphs/predictions…

8. With all the garbage I’ve been eating this summer, I shouldn’t be trusting my gut. But something tells me the Pittsburgh Penguins are headed for a huge fall. The darlings of the NHL last year when they gave Detroit all it could handle in the Cup final, the Pens go into the new season missing some key pieces to the puzzle. Marian Hossa and Ryan Malone are gone and key defenceman Ryan Whitney will miss the first three to five months with a knee problem. To make up for their missing offence, the Penguins are counting on getting some big minutes and big goals out of the mercurial Miroslav Satan, who lit the lamp just 15 times for the Islanders last season. Sure, the Penguins still boast the one-two punch of Crosby and Malkin. However, Tampa Bay finished in the cellar last year despite sending Lecavalier and St. Louis over the boards every night. Prediction? Coach Michel Therrien doesn’t last the season and the Penguins shock the NHL by struggling just to make the playoffs.

Okay, first off…

defenceman Ryan Whitney will miss the first three to five months with a knee problem

Nice to know he’s well informed considering Whits has a FOOT problem and not a KNEE problem.

Have a little problem with this statement…

the Penguins are counting on getting some big minutes and big goals out of the mercurial Miroslav Satan, who lit the lamp just 15 times for the Islanders last season.

Well considering Satan played for the NEW YORK ISLANDERS who were one of the worst offensive teams where-a-ways he’ll be heading to one of the best offensive teams in Pittsburgh and will be paired with the best in Crosby. This whole line shows the writer is just reaching for something here. I challenge anyone to find me a player who had a good year offensively for the Isles last season because I guarantee you, you won’t find one. 

So please, next time someone says something negative about Satan, let’s not bring up the fact that he played with the Islanders the past few seasons. He’s a true sniper playing with a true playmaker (Crosby) in a loaded offensive setting now….COMPLETELY different ball game now.

Sure, the Penguins still boast the one-two punch of Crosby and Malkin

Well don’t ya think that’s kind of important? I mean players like Crosby and Malkin make players around them much better. Ryan Malone doesn’t sign that big contract over this off-season without being on Malkin’s line. Mark Recchi and Colby Armstrong’s value went up because of the way they both looked playing with Crosby.

Crosby and Malkin’s impact mean even more this year since Crosby will have a true sniper on his wing (Satan) and Malkin will continue to grow chemistry with Sykora and will have Feds on his line that I think can still produce.

However, Tampa Bay finished in the cellar last year despite sending Lecavalier and St. Louis over the boards every night.

What does this have to do with anything? Yeah Tampa’s similar to Pittsburgh in terms of having two world-class players but that’s it. What the writer didn’t recognize was that Tampa had horrible defense and goaltending where Crosby and Malkin will have the luxury of having a solid defense and good (and still improving) goaltending from Fleury.

In no shape or form are the Pens even CLOSELY similar to what the Bolts were last year. Not sure where he was going with this one.

Prediction? Coach Michel Therrien doesn’t last the season and the Penguins shock the NHL by struggling just to make the playoffs.

Yeah that makes a whole lot of sense especially when Therrien just signed a three-year contract this off-season (though I’m not saying that’s a good thing).

I’m not saying there’s no way that the Pens will not make the playoffs this season. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the Pens take the tumble that Ottawa took last year. The Pens have the Stanley Cup hangover over their heads, loss of some players, addition of new players (need some chemistry to finally click) and they start out the season in Europe which doesn’t bode well for most teams.

However, the writer of this quick paragraph gave some bogus reasons. Give me some good reasons and I’ll probably see what you’re saying and where you’re going with your logic.

With that said though, I’ll take my chances and say the Pens easily cruise into the playoffs next year.



August 19, 2008
Penguins Savior

Our Savior

I wasn’t going to talk about this because I thought it was a ridiculous topic to discuss. But since it IS Penguins news (there’s not much of it in August) and since it’s such a hot topic among newspapers, other than the Tribune and among fans as well, that I thought ‘why not’. 

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s some Penguins fans that are actually mad at Mario Lemieux for tricking fans that the Pens were going to leave Pittsburgh and making money for basically just himself.

Now when Lemieux came out and said that leaving Pittsburgh “wasn’t a possibility” was probably a mistake on his part by stating that. For the last few years, every Pens fan, including me, constantly worried about the Pens possibly leaving Pittsburgh for Kansas City or Las Vegas. So to come out and say leaving Pittsburgh was never going to happen is probably something he probably would want to take back.

But am I mad about it? No, not even close. Do I think it’s something to get mad about? No, not even close.

Let’s go over the obvious. Mario Lemieux has saved the Pens from leaving THREE TIMES. How many times in this day and age do you see that? How many times do you see the loyalty that Mario had for the Penguins? Exactly, not much. Other owners would’ve either given up or went to another city for the big bucks.

However, Mario knew how important the Pens were for not only Pittsburgh, but for hockey and the NHL in general. He saw the potential on how good the Pens could possibly be with all the high draft picks they were getting. He knew that the city of Pittsburgh would worship the great players such as Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin (and we have) like we did for him (and we did).

So what did he do? He made sure the Penguins would stay at home in Pittsburgh for at least 30 more years…Super Mario has done it again.

However, many supposed “Penguins fans”, threw that out the window and started to get a little miffed that Lemieux ‘played them’ and the government. It’s an unfortunate world we live but hey, in order to beat a politician, you have to be one. Like I said, it’s unfortunate, but it’s true. He decided to get every little penny, nickle and dime out of this situation and he did. Though like I said before he’s saved this franchise three times so I think he has a right to do that.

Another issue that some of the ‘Mario haters’ are spewing is that they’re upset about the casino that will be placed on the North Shore of Pittsburgh. What they don’t know is that the casino was going to built there anyways, so why complain about it? Well supposedly it’ll cause more crime which if you think a casino will cause more crime, you’re clueless. Add to the fact that the city of Pittsburgh will be MAKING money and not losing it with the casino and I don’t see what the fuss is all about.

“He knew how to strike at the heart of the fans and the city,” she said. “I think he really duped the people of Pittsburgh, and he’ll definitely get away with it because of who he is.”

Or maybe it was because he saved the Pens from leaving three times now? Or maybe it’s because the Pens will have a new state-of-the-art arena for fans, like you, to enjoy for the rest of your life? But hey, let’s complain because Mario got more money for himself and played hardball with the politicians. Little crazy right?

Bottom line is that the Penguins will remain in their home in Pittsburgh for a very, very long time (add a couple Stanley Cups in the coming years to boot). We’re beyond lucky to have Mario as the owner of our Penguins and some people I guess just need to realize that…and that’s sad.



It’s Called Crosby-Envy

August 14, 2008
Dont be jealous

Don't be jealous

A topic of discussion here at TPP is inspired by a thread on HFBoards is a topic that I’m just flat out sick and tired of. It gets to the point where I’m starting to get immune to it and I better expect to happen more in the coming years. I see it everywhere on hockey message boards and hear it from my friends who aren’t Penguins fans and I’m sure that you’ve heard it or you have these opinions.

So I’ve decided to face the topic and hear all the arguments on why Sidney Crosby is hated on so much. Put my two cents in and defend the reasons why Crosby is hated.

Then I realized, most of the reasons are really dumb and some of the arguments for them are even dumber.

So here they are…

Reason Number 1: Crosby is a diver…

Okay I’ll admit it. Crosby DOES embellish a bit more than most NHL players. But is he a diver? No. If you want to see a diver, watch Scottie Upshall, then you’ll know who dives in this business.

But anyways, anytime Crosby tries to sell a call, he gets called a ‘diver’ by the NHL world. Newsflash: EVERY PLAYER TRIES TO SELL CALLS. However, the fact they’re not called divers, yet Crosby does, annoys me the most. If you’re going to call Crosby a diver, then call the whole league one. Every other player does the same thing that Crosby does yet Crosby’s the one who gets the most flak from it.


Ovechkin dives here and it’s talked by no one. If Crosby did this, oooohhhh man, he would’ve got bashed and reminded constantly of it. Ovechkin does it and you only hear it that one night while Crosby still gets crap that happened when he was a rookie. Coincidence hmm?

Of course since Crosby is possibly the most watched and hated player in the league, many fans like to pick on him for stuff like this more than any other player. Sure Crosby did do a good bit of diving during his rookie season, I’ll admit it, but he’s matured and doesn’t pull that stuff nearly as much.

Reason Number 2: Crosby is a whiner…

Like the diving part, is was okay to call Sid that during his rookie season because he DID whine then…a lot.

However, Crosby has grown up. He’s not the same whiner that he was when he was 18. During his rookie season, every time someone called him out or he didn’t get a call, he whined about it. Okay so saying that he was a whiner AFTER his rookie season is a-okay with me.

But now saying that he’s a whiner doesn’t make sense. If some people would actually watch the game for once instead of making observations about him during his rookie season then they’d realize he doesn’t whine to the refs or to other players anymore.

I don’t even know how you can call him a whiner when he doesn’t complain to the media. If you hear his interviews he never complains about bad calls or other players. Doesn’t even mention it or give a little hint of it. Not even during his rookie season.

Reason Number 3: Crosby gets talked about too much on TV…

I’ll admit it. Crosby does get talked about A LOT during games on NBC, Versus and during highlight shows like on ESPN. But here’s the thing…that’s not his fault. Crosby doesn’t tell NBC, Versus and ESPN to showcase him every 5 seconds. The networks decide to do that…not Crosby. Hate the networks, not Sid.

Just another reason for people to hate on Crosby, I guess. Don’t know how to explain that one.

Reason Number 4: Crosby has a ‘mightier than all’ attitude…

This is where I go…WHAT?! Crosby is THE most boring person in interviews. He doesn’t show any emotion and never says the wrong thing unlike some players of the caliber of Crosby in today’s sports. When he scores he doesn’t run up and smack himself against the glass unlike a certain hockey player *cough*Ovechkin*cough*. In interviews he always gives credit to his teammates and is never about himself. He even said that the lowest point of his career was when he lost in the 2008 SCF and not when he suffered the major injury that kept him out for many games to prevent him to win the Hart and Art Ross.

Just some made up garbage that other fans decide to make up that’s completely untrue. I guess they try to make something up to fit their agenda’s to keep on hating on Crosby.

Reason Number 5: Crosby is a wussy…

Unfortunately I don’t hear the word ‘wussy’ instead I hear the word that rhymes with the word wussy but we’re not gonna go there.

Anyway, Crosby’s been getting this for pretty much his whole life let alone his career (though Crosby probably thinks his life is his career). Reason for it is because he’s not the one to throw the hits or the one that’s very physical. That’s not Crosby’s game though. His game is finesse and using his speed to get through the other team – everyone knows that.

However, Crosby can be physical and is actually hard to take down. He works the boards and works the edge through physical contact and usually doesn’t go down. If he needs to get physical, he will and has. He’s taken so much abuse from the rest of the league that I really don’t think there is any way for him to be NOT physical.

But hey, I love the hate. Bring on the hate every day. It means that he’s doing something right. Gretzky and Lemieux always got hate and I guess you can say Crosby will go down as one of the ‘hated ones’ that turn out to be one of the best. 

Of course he plays for my team so I’ll defend him. About Sid playing for my team though, a big part of the hatred towards Crosby is jealousy. Every single fan of every single team would give up an arm and a leg to have Crosby but they don’t. So they decide to hate on the kid since he owns their team when they play him. It’s another reason why I love the hatred towards Crosby. He’s on my team, not yours. My team gets the star, yours doesn’t. My gain, your loss. Deal with it.

And on that note…