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Get Ziggy With It

October 11, 2008


With Jeff Taffe being put on waivers, the Penguins had to sign another man for his replacement and that was ultimately Mike Zigomanis from the Phoenix Coyotes for future considerations.

I like the pick-up. From what I’ve heard from Coyotes fans, he goes 100% at all times. He can take a hit and give it out, he can score, and is a very likeable player. Good pick-up.

Get healthy damn you

Get healthy damn you

In other news…

Petr Sykora (his new name will be “Sicky”) will be out this weekend AGAIN with that same ole’ nagging groin injury that he had last weekend. Those can be a major bitch though. I’ve never had one but from what I’ve heard, they blow.

We really need Sicky back in our lineup. It just doesn’t seem right both in how we perform and how our team structures.




Bye-Bye Pez

October 4, 2008


With the final day of cuts, the man, the myth, the legend, Janne Pesonen is the last cut.

It was ultimately down to Pez and Bill Thomas and Thomas was the man that ended up beating Pez out. I’d rather have seen Pez not get cut but Thomas has been having a very solid camp and has surprised many. I’m not totally dissapointed with Pez getting cut and Thomas staying.

Plus we’ll see Pez a few times this year anyway…

I hate life and lame injuries

I hate life and lame injuries

In other bad, crappy news…

Petr Sykora will miss tomorrow’s game…UUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These injuries are really starting to take a toll. He better be fine and come back for game 2, at least game 3 or else we could be in trouble.

I guess either Talbot or TK gets bumped up to play on the second line. We should be fine for tomorrow but if this injury is worse than it is (God forbid), we could be SCREWED with Gonch, Whits and Sykora all out.

Whatev, Pens play tomorrow, that’s all that matters…


Crapage – Sarge out for 4-6 months

October 1, 2008


*sigh*…It has been reported that Sergei Gonchar will be out for 4-6 months.

NOT GOOD at all for the Pens to start without their two best defenseman for 4-6 months (Ryan Whitney as well). They both should be back for the 2nd half of the season and we should be fine.

But for the first few months, we could be SCREWED. Hopefully a fire gets lit under Goligoski and he steps up because we’ll need him and Letang to step up as our offensive defenseman.

Get well soon Gonch…


Injury Bug Bites Early

August 16, 2008
Don't be so soffff

Maybe he won't be sofffff when he comes back?

Last season the Pens had injuries issues with Crosby, Fleury and others being out for long periods of time. Now the Pens are suffering already as there is an injury before the season even starts.

Ryan Whitney’s critics have considerably less ammunition today.

Turns out, the defenseman skated on one healthy foot last season.

Whitney, whose point total dropped from 59 in 2006-07 to 40 last season, underwent surgery to correct a left-foot misalignment Friday in Charlotte. Full recovery from the procedure, an osteotomy, usually takes three to five months.

I went from thinking Whits had a completely terrible, disappointing season to an amazing one last year. He pretty much played hockey on one foot and it never seemed to bother him.

Even though we all like to pick on Whitney, this does suck. I was actually looking forward to Whits having a rebound season this year and redeeming himself. Now he could be out up till five months with three being the minimum. Whits is a good puck mover and does bring a good bit of offense to his game. Plus he has chemistry and experience with this club so it isn’t like Whits is the chop liver Pens fan make him out to be. This loss is bigger than I think most Pens fans think it will be.

Though I do question on why Whits didn’t get the surgery done right after the season ended instead of waiting one month before the season starts. You’d think that Shero and Therrien would be pushing him to have the surgery as soon as last season ended so that he’d come back sooner. He could’ve had it right after the Game 6 loss to the Wings and only be out for a month or two of the season. Now he’ll miss a few months, then try jump right into the thick of things in the middle of the season hoping he hasn’t fallen far behind everyone else.

Don’t expect Whits to be 100% comfortably healthy till possibly the 09-10 season either. Most of the time with these foot injuries players don’t have the power and strength in the foot for a while. Give him a full offseason’s rest next year and he’ll 100% then, not right after the foot injury is healed up. Unfortunately though Whits will still be feeling the effects of this injury throughout the 08-09 campaign.

But hey, there’s always a silver-lining. Whits injury means that Pootie Tang will be moved up and Eaton is pretty much guaranteed to start in the top 4. Add that Gogo (Alex Goligoski) probably has a better chance to make the team after training camp and give him more experience in the big leagues. I’d rather have Whits starting opening night but hey, if we can get more younger guys gaining expierence off of this, I won’t complain.