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Friday Night ‘Guins – Seventh Edition

September 13, 2008

Here is the seventh edition of Friday Night ‘Guins…

I love watching Mario videos. All of them make my jaw drop and all ten of these do. Just unbelievable, breath taking, jaw-dropping, insane and “oh my God, did he REALLY just do that?” type of plays. I’ll go over all ten…

# 10: I don’t know how he does it. To make two sick moves, one on the defenseman and one on the goalie and then to pass it to a wide open teammate when he was barely looking, for a goal is just…too much for words. Add that it was against the Rangers makes it even more better.

# 9: He makes it look so easy and so simple. Get the puck, make a little move, then just shoot between the goalie’s legs like it’s nothing. All I could think when I watched was ‘how the eff did he do that?!’ Simply amazing.

#8: Lemieux didn’t even see him. He wasn’t looking at his guy yet it was a PERFECT pass for a goal. The ESPN jokes make a big deal about Kobe Bryant making a no look pass like five feet away. But Lemieux made a sensational no look pass across the ice for a goal which is probably the hardest thing to do in hockey.

#7: REDICIOLOUS! Squeezing through two defenders then shooting it as he’s falling down and having that much strength to do it so is awesome. Pretty much a vintage Lemieux.

#6: One word…sick. That is all.

#5: Every highlight is a new one. This time he loses control of the puck, then flips it in the air to ‘tap’ it in mid-air to score. Where else do you see that? Yeah, that’s what I thought, only Mario could do that. Oh and I think having a defender in his way probably adds some difficulty to it as well.

#4: It’s like he has ‘full control’ of the puck like basketball players do with the ball. Completely undressed the defender, then made a fool out of the other defender to easily score. How he does it, I will never know…

#3: It’s like he played footsies with Bourque with the puck. Trickling it through his feet then making another move on him to score on a wicked shot going top shelf. Most players lose the puck and it becomes a scrum. Mario doesn’t, he scores.

#2: Even though it isn’t a Penguins related play, it’s still pretty damn amazing. Nice move by poking the puck away, then going to down to score in the clutch for Canada. Awesome showing of his athlectism.

#1: Definitely agreed with this play being number one. Sometimes defenders just need to stop trying against Mario and let him score…it got pretty pathetic back then. But anyways, that’s probably one of the top 5 best goals for me that I’ve seen. Of course you got the great move on the defender then to hurry up and change directions at the last second and score is beyond unreal.

AWESOME video that I recommend any hockey fan to watch.

All hail 66.



Friday Night ‘Guins – Sixth Edition

August 30, 2008

Here is the sixth edition of TPP’s Friday Night ‘Guins…

Now usually when the Penguins score, whoever it is, I obviously do what every other hockey fan does when their team scores. I throw my hands up in the air and do a celebratory “YEEAAAHH!”

However, when Geno scored this goal, I did nothing but laugh and said outloud ‘oh my Lord, Malkin’. It was so redicilous and in a way…sort of rude as well for him to just slap the holy crap out of the puck literally 10 feet away from Biron. I actually felt bad for Biron, he had NO CHANCE. Not even Marty Brodeur himself could’ve had a prayer against that.

But the funniest part is that you can tell Malkin was TICKED and it’s hilarious when he’s mad. He just got smashed by Mike Richards (or ‘Cannon’ as the lame Flyer fans call him) and he was looking for revenge. Well unfortuantely Biron was the victim of that revenge and all the hate Malkin has for the Flyers (which he has a good amount of hate for them) was taken in that one shot.

Awesomeness, just pure awesomeness.


Friday Night ‘Guins – Fifth Edition

August 23, 2008

Here is the fifth edition of TPP’s Friday Night ‘Guins…

Thought I’d post this in honor of the groundbreaking this past week as this was a truly great moment in Penguins history.

I will never forget that night. All the worries and all the stress that went through Pens fans for years was vanished. The arena deal was done and the Pens were going to stay where they belong.

I don’t think anyone else could’ve announced that better than Mario did. “Your Pittsburgh Penguins will remain right here in Pittsburgh, where they belong!” Saying it in such a bold and serious matter was perfect and right to the point. You can definitely tell Mellon Arena was ROCKING that moment and of course every Penguins fan across the country gave out a big ‘YES!’.

Of course, earlier that day when news struck that the Pens were staying in Pittsburgh, I went to my favorite place to talk Pens hockey at LetsGoPens. And of course, EVERYONE was buzzing and leaving “I can’t believe this day has come” comments. Even I had to pinch myself in disbelief this day HAS come and the Pens won’t be going to Kansas City or wherever.

(Suck it Kansas City)

That night was also the perfect night to announce it. It was a playoff type atmosphere against the best team in the East, in the Sabres and the Pens won an exciting game with an awesome finish.

All and all, it was an awesome day to be a Pens fan that night. Everything with the new arena deal to the game, it was just a flat out great day. EASILY one of my top 3 moments as a Pens fan.


Friday Night ‘Guins – Fourth Edition

August 16, 2008

Here is the fourth edition of TPP’s Friday Night ‘Guins…

As a Pens fan, that was an AWESOME, AWESOME day. That whole game, starting out with Colby Armstrong goal and to end it out on the Crosby’s clutch moment was a perfect game.

Of course I gotta comment on the classic blue jerseys. Man when I first saw them being actually worn, I fell in love with them. Can’t wait to see them next year.

But to go over the shootout…

Some people didn’t like it, but I did. When the players carried the puck into the zone in the shootouts, they couldn’t go their full speed in fear they’d lose the puck. However, for me, it actually felt like an outdoor game with the snow on the ice to prevent the players going full speed. It brought true REALNESS of an outdoor game and I thought it was awesome!

I remember watching Kotalik scoring and aweing at how LOUD it was in there. I wasn’t even there and I could tell the uproar was loud.

Then POOTIE TANG (Kris Letang’s new nickname) did what the announcers said he couldn’t do and that was get ‘fancy’ with it. He made a sweet move on Miller, then went backhand to tie the shoot-out. With all the circumstances considered, that was actually a pretty sick goal. To make a move like that, go backhand and lift the puck up with all the snow must’ve been really tough. I don’t know where Letang got those moves when he’s a defenseman…wow.

After watching this again, I never realized how good of a save Conklin made on Maxim Afinogenov. He was coming in fast and had a tricky wrist shot and it was an unexpected move for him to go that fast in an outdoors game. Conklin made a HUGE glove save and robbed him.

Then after Afinogenov went, the moment happened.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect ending. Sidney Crosby, the golden boy of the NHL, had the game on his stick. When I realized the game came down to Crosby, I said outloud, “GAME OVER!” I knew he was going to score. You knew he was going to score. EVERYONE including their grandmother knew he was going to score.

He scored.

I didn’t think he scored at first, then I heard Doc Emerick shreek “SKKKEEOORRE! CROSBY WINS IT!” I ran around and started to flip out. It was an exhilarating moment and an awesome one at that.

Like the saying goes, ‘big players step up in big situations’. And Crosby’s nickname that day was ‘CLUTCH’.


Friday Night ‘Guins – Third Edition

August 8, 2008

I had to make it earlier today because I won’t be home tonight to post.

Anyways, here’s the third edition of TPP’s Friday Night ‘Guins…

I don’t care who you root for whether it’s the Penguins, Red Wings, Capitals, Rangers, Sharks, or whoever, that was one of the greatest Stanley Cup games EVER!

As a die-hard Pittsburgh Penguins fan, that was probably THE greatest moment as a Penguins fan for me ever (I wasn’t old enough to remember the Pens Stanley Cup years in 91 and 92). To stay up with that team till 1 AM when I had to wake up at 6:30 the next morning was unbelievable. The whole time I was thinking “okay when will Detroit score and send us home?” It got to the point where I was almost wishing the Wings would score so that they can end my and every other Penguins fans misery.

But Petr Sykora had other plans. As soon as all these thoughts ran through my head, BOOM! The Pens get a four minute powerplay (that’s longer than a regular two minute powerplay for the uneducated). However, time and time again the Pens let me down during this whole series so I wasn’t expecting anything positive to happen during the powerplay.

Then the moment happened. As I was standing right in front of my TV with my Sidney Crosby jersey that I always wear during games and my backward Pens hat staying loyal with them as always, Sykora made his mark. The next thing I know is I see Sykora’s wicked shot go in the back of the net and all I hear is Doc Emerick shreek that famous “skkkeeoooooorre!” goal call.

What happens then? I did what every Penguins fan did – went BALISTIC. I was then running around my room like a crazy, wild man screaming “YEEEESS!!!!!” (I think I woke the neighbors). I couldn’t believe it. That whole game with the Pens being up by two, then Talbot scoring with less than 40 seconds to tie the game and then to go through THREE OVERTIMES in a game where the Penguins NEEDED to win and then to see Sykora score was a moment I couldn’t believe.

My thoughts after that night were happy, excited, crazy, joy, tired, winded, shock all at the same time. Even though the Pens ended up losing a heartbreaker in Game 6, I will NEVER EVER forget that game.


Friday Night ‘Guins – Second Edition

August 2, 2008

Here is the second edition…

I was watching this live when the interview occurred and oh man, I was laughing hysterically during and after it.

I love it when he’s like “and me play good” *shrugs*. If you watch closely (and I hope you did), he’s pretty much saying “yeah, no one can stop me”. But Malkin being his awesome self decides to stay humble and say “me play good”. Although a part of it I think has to do with him not being able to speak English (well duh!).

I thought the best part though was when he’s says “SMILE?!” HA! It was the only word he understood. I started to cry of laughter when he did that. Ole’ Danny Potatsh must’ve felt weird in that situation.

Another thing I love about this video is that Geno looks A LOT like his mama. Definitely shows that he got her looks.

Oh Geno how Pittsburgh loves you and your awkward Russian ways.


Friday Night ‘Guins – First Edition

July 26, 2008

Every Friday night, I’ll be posting a Penguins related video that portrays how awesome the Penguins are (because we know it’s true). This is the first edition…

That was the night that I KNEW Sid was FOR REAL. It was also the first time I started to have a man-crush on Crosby (yes my man-crush is Sidney effing Crosby – every guy has one ladies).

When Crosby first came into the league, I was skeptical if he was really THAT good. Sure I was damn excited to have him, as was everyone else. But I wanted to see if he could transform his game into the NHL and he obviously has, very nicely so.

However, when he scored this goal I believed the hype. It was a pressure situation against his old, hometown team where he was expected to score since he came in with all the hype. He did just that when he was only 18 YEARS OLD. That’s pretty incredible.