C Sidney Crosby

Call him “The Kid”. Call him “The Next One”. Call him whatever you’d like, but for me, I’d like to refer to him as “The Savior”. The man, well the kid, has saved the Penguins from leaving the city of Pittsburgh and has transformed them into being an annual Cup contender. From the second he stepped on the ice, Crosby has become a sports icon across the country. The media loves him, the non-Penguins fans hate him. He’s put on a show these past three years for the Penguins with his jaw-dropping goals and sick maneuvers. But what makes Sidney Crosby the best player in the world (yes, for all you Ovechkin lovers, Crosby is better than him), are the little things that he does. The passes that sizzle to other players sticks and into the net, his skating ability, and his knack for always being open for a shot. Add his incredible leadership, and drive and you have the PERFECT player to build your team around.

Career Stats: 296 points, 99 goals, 197 assists

Pittsburgh Penguins: 296 points, 99 goals, 197 assists

2008/2009 Season Stats: 2 points, 0 goals, 2 assists


2 Responses to “C Sidney Crosby”

  1. corinne Says:

    i love sidney

  2. jan Says:

    I was an avid hockey fan in the 80’s, then lost touch with the game. This ‘Kid’ got me back into it! Ya gotta love our Captain!

    Love to share anything Sidney!

    Happy Hockey Always,

    jan (Siddrawer)

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