C Evgeni Malkin

“Pittsburgh goal, scored by #71, Evgeni MAALKIIIIIIIIIIN!!!” is what you can usually hear on game-nights in Mellon Arena. The goofy Russian that is Evgeni Malkin has become a fan-favorite in the ‘Burgh and for good reason. His slap-shot can send Marty Brodeur to hell and back and when he does manage to put the puck in the net (which happens many times), his over-exaggerated celebrations are a hilarious and awesome site to see. Want another reason why the city of Pittsburgh loves him? He took a home-town discount to stay in Pittsburgh by taking the SAME, EXACT contract as Crosby’s $8.7 million a year. Even though he easily could’ve got $10 million from the Penguins or another NHL team. Oh yes it is bad news for the rest of the NHL that Mr. Malkin will be staying in Pittsburgh for a few more years and you can bet more years after his contract runs up. Another scary thing about “Geno”, he’s only getting better.

Career Stats: 193 points, 81 goals, 112 assists

Pittsburgh Penguins: 193 points, 81 goals, 112 assists

2008/2009 Season Stats: 2 points, 1 goal, 1 assists


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