About TPP…

When you first came here, you probably could tell this is a Pittsburgh Penguins blog made by me, Ben.

TPP (Those Pucking Penguins) will be a blog for up-to-date news about the Penguins and any other information about them. Then you’ll get my opinions on topics related to the Pens or about their players. Of course these opinions will be mostly biased as I am a Pens fan and can’t help it. After games, I’ll have a ‘Post-Game Wrap Up’ discussing the highlights of that game and about the next game coming up.

Then as you see on the right, I’ve created pages for each player on the Pittsburgh Penguins and even some players that I think will play for them this year that haven’t yet. After every game, I’ll update on the current stats of each player so that you’ll know how many points, goals, and assists each player has.

Now let me tell you a little about me. As I’ve said before, my name is Ben and I live in the central part of Pennsylvania. My passion is sports (I like other sports than hockey) as I’m obsessed with it. Like most bloggers, I”m a young guy as I’m only a junior in high school (worst year ever…ugh).  I’m a huge Penguins fan and have been since the late 90s/early 2000s during the days of Kovalev, Jagr, Straka, Lang, Kasparitis, etc. I’ve always loved my Penguins, even when they sucked (and I mean ROYAL SUCKAGE) from 2002-2005.

Have any questions or comments regarding TPP, you can contact me at…

Email: Ben6623@gmail.com

AIM: Ben6623

Hope you enjoy your stay at TPP and continue reading!



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