Banners, Oh Banners

Just look at that mullet...EPIC

Just look at that mullet...EPIC

On Saturday night the Pens will showcase last year’s “Eastern Conference Champions” and “Atlantic Division” banners but they’ll also reveal other banners as well.

Two new banners will list the Penguins’ 12 NHL scoring champions, and another will list their five NHL MVP award-winners.

I like it. I really do. The Pens have rich history of players winning the Art Ross and that will continue with Crosby and Malkin. Plus I feel this is something that the Pens should celebrate. Anytime you get so many players winning an award as prestigious as this, it should be showcased.

It’ll also stop the controversial topic of Jagr getting a banner, which he should. He was the second best player to ever sport a Penguins logo and they should recognize him for that.

Very pumped to see this Saturday night.



One Response to “Banners, Oh Banners”

  1. Hooper Says:

    Who the heck was traded for Zigomanis? I need info! Get up on it!

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