Game #2 Recap: Senators vs. Penguins




The second game…*sigh*…not a good one.

First Period: The Pens started out strong keeping the puck in their own end. Malkin was a beast. Ruutu decided to be a little bitch though and hit Paul Bissonnette from behind and smothered Crosby on purpose. Don’t like him that much anymore. The Pens had a couple powerplays but couldn’t do anything with them….of course. Orpik passed out some free candy on Daniel Alfredsson’s ass at the end of the period.

                       End of first period: Pens 0-Sens 0

Second Period: The first goal of the game was scored by Dany “I suck at driving” Healtey scored on his second try. Sens 1-Pens 0.

                      Not much happened other than the Pens got on another powerplay at the end of the period and didn’t do anything with it AGAIN.

                          End of second period: Sens 1- Pens 0.

Third Period: In the third period, the Pens powerplays looked horrible…again. Getting really sick of that in the first two games. Never realized how much we’re gonna be missing Gonchar and Whitney till now.

                        Dany Heatley = MONEY. His shot is WICKED and that was obvious as he banked in his second goal on a one-timer with seconds left in their powerplay. Sens 2-Pens 0.

Someone drive me home...

Someone drive me home...

                          Then a fluky goal occured when Antoine Vermette’s stick broke, went to get a new one, pass sent flying towards his way, shot the first time he missed, then it went underneath MAF’s pad…GOAL. Sens 3-Pens 0.

                          Matt Cooke later on PWNED (yes, PWNED) Alfy with a devastating hit. That was probably the good thing that happened in that game.

                          The Sens committed a penalty with about a minute left AND THE PENGUINS ACTUALLY SCORED ON WITH .1 TO GO! IT WAS AMAZING! ALEX GOLI-FREAKING-GOSKI BAYBEEEEE! Sens 3-Pens 1.


*sigh* No more hockey till next Saturday night.



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