Game #1 Recap: Penguins vs. Senators




It’s been the day we’ve been waiting for since that gut-wrenching loss to Detroit in the Cup Finals. We waited month after month and now it’s finally here.

The start to the 2008/2009 Pittsburgh Penguins season.

And I’d have to say it started out pretty damn well – especially for Tyler Kennedy.

First Period: 40 seconds into the game, the first Penguins goal of the year was scored as little Tyler Kennedy scored on a wicked wrist-shot. It was truly a great play by Kennedy. He stole the puck from a Senators defender, blazed passed the back of the net, got in front of the net, turned and banked it home. Pens 1-Sens 0.

                       The game got a little physical with Chris Neil and Eric Godard. Former Pen Jarkko RUUUUTUU got into the physical action as well. Bodies flying everywhere, big hits that make you go “OH!” and toothless hockey players smacking each other is something I missed very, very much so.

                       As the game was heating up, so were the Senators as Shean Donovan scored halfway through the first period.  Pens 1-Sens 1.

                      Not much happened throughout the rest of the first period except for that the Pens had 5 POWERPLAYS and didn’t score on ANY of them. Really, really miss Gonch and Whits right now as they are the generals on the powerplays. We’re really gonna miss that this season.

                       End of first period: Pens 1-Sens 1.

Second Period: The second period started out with a interference penalty on Brooks Orpik but surprisingly the Pens, not the Sens, took advantage of it. A bad turnover by the Senators Fillip Kuba turned into a ‘Geno breakaway which then turned into a SAWEEET goal by #71. He went to his right, then back to his left as he’s falling down and chipped into the net as he’s sliding into the net. Pens 2-Sens 1.



                           The game got physical again to the point that there was a little scrum between Max, Jason Smith and RUUUTTUUU. But then of course the refs said “NO FUN” and there wasn’t a fight…aww.

                            The Senators then went on a powerplay, Malkin was on the edge of scoring ANOTHER shorthanded goal but just a little bit later, Dany “I suck at driving” Heatley beat Fleury top shelf. It really was a great play by Heatley as he possessed the puck as it was bouncing, took control of it, went to his backhand and put it past Fleury. Too bad his hockey direction isn’t as good as his driving direction….BAM! Pens 2-Sens 2.

                            The Pens got on ANOTHER powerplay but once again couldn’t capitalize on it but rather yet the Senators did. Jason Spezza took advantage of a Pens turnover, blazed down on a 2 on a 1 and scored on a wicked wrist shot. Sens 3-Pens 2.

                            In the final minutes of the second period, Mark Eaton was called on a hooking call then 30 second later, Hal Gill threw the puck into the bench as the stupid glass is 6 inches shorter in that arena then it is in NHL arenas. It ultimately put the Sens on a long 5-3 to start the third period…ugh.

                            End of second period: Sens 3-Pens 2.

Third Period: Even though the Senators started off with a 5-3, they couldn’t do anything with it. In fact, the Pens almost got another shorthanded goal when Sid got on a breakaway but Gerber said “NO” and denied him.

                        The main highlight of the third period was when Crosby made a SAWEEET pass over to Scuds for a goal. I had the same thought that every other Pens fan had when Scuds scored…”WTF ROB SCUDERI?!” That was his first goal in 96 games. Pens 3-Sens 3.

                        Scary moment as with about 25 seconds to go, Fleury tried to glove a puck that was flying past him but it went off his glove and just hit the post. One inch in and it’s a goal and the Pens lose on a fluke goal.

                          End of third period: Pens 3-Sens 3

OVERTIME: Not much to touch upon other than with about a minute left, Tyler effin Kennedy stole the puck on a bad turnover, blazed down with Malkin on the other side of the ice, then just BURIED it in for the win. And then every Penguins fan had an immediate orgasm watching Kennedy celebrate.






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