It’s Sid’s Team…

He's 'ours' and you gotta love it!

He's 'our's' and you gotta love it!

As I’m reading some stuff on LGP today, I ran across the title of “Good article on Crosby”, so of course I have to read it.

Well I did read it and it’s not only good, it’s GREAT.

Just some things I wanted to point out…

“You know what? I thought about it a lot after the season,” the Pittsburgh Penguins captain told on the eve of his season opener. “It’s one of those weird scenarios where you want to win so bad, and I think the joy you would have from winning the Cup must be unbelievable — I wouldn’t know — but I felt the other side of it. …

Hunger much? Yeah, Sidney Crosby being hungry isn’t a good thing for the rest of the league. If you think he’s good now when he was just ‘poised’, just imagine how good he’ll be when he’s poised AND hungry…scary.

“From the short time I’ve been here, he handles everything beautifully, the captaincy and the role that he has on the team,” said Satan, who begins the season on Crosby’s right side. “To be a leader at such a young age, it’s amazing; he matured so quickly and he’s ready to fulfill that role.”

Awesome praise from a player that’s only been along his side for a couple weeks of training camp. Though it doesn’t surprise me that Crosby get can praise like that right away. He has that sense, or better yet ‘aura’ about him that stands out and glows.

Fedotenko quickly saw that leadership in action.

 “A couple of days after I signed, [Crosby] text messaged me and said, ‘Welcome to the team,'” said Fedotenko, Crosby’s other winger to start the season. “It was very neat. I didn’t expect that. Not every captain would do that. It was a veteran move. I was excited to talk to him. It was very nice of him.”

Very, very cool thing of Crosby to do. Not many captains do that and it’s an awesome sign of leadership from Crosby. Sometimes things so little like text messaging a new guy and welcoming him makes that player want to be here even more.

Crosby’s text messaging isn’t limited to teammates. When Jonathan Toews was named captain of the Chicago Blackhawks this offseason, the 20-year-old forward got a surprise message from Crosby. From one young captain to another.

“He sent me a text congratulating me,” Toews told last month. “That was pretty cool for me. I’m a huge fan of him and how he plays the game.”

Another thing that he does that makes you go “wow” and shake your head in disbelief. The generosity and willingness of Crosby to make people feel welcomed, not even on his team is just awesome. I wonder how many players/coaches texted him that were NOT Blackhawks…probably only a couple if not just Crosby.

Said Orpik: “I think the biggest thing with him is that he’s so consistent every day. He doesn’t take a day off. He’s a guy that, every once in a while, you catch yourself staring at him, just watching what he does because he’s so good.”

I think we all do that Brooksie.

“He just turned 21 on Aug. 7,” Shero said. “You can imagine when he’s 27 years old how good he’s going to be. To me, it’s quite amazing. I think that has been overlooked, how young he is and what he’s accomplished in such a short period of time at such a young age.”

I never really thought about this that often but what Shero says is true. He’s 21 now and probably won’t even be in his prime for a few years. Believe it or not, he still has some developing to do (which is really, REALLY scary) and will continue to get better. Him, Ovechkin and Malkin will be in a league of their own in a couple years, as if they’re not already.

“But by no means do I think he’s satisfied at all. There’s still lots of work to be done.”

I’m pumped.

What I got from that article is that every Pens fan should feel fortunate for having him as our captain. He does everything right on and off the ice and he’s one hell of an individual. Add that he’ll probably bring a couple Cups to Pittsburgh as an extra bonus.



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