Cutting It Up

Oh he's making the opening day roster...

Oh he's making the opening day roster

The Pens trimmed down their roster again yesterday as they only have one more player to cut before they go to Sweden. Notable players that were cut were Connor James and Danny Richmond.

Sort of disappointed to see Richmond being cut. Really wanted him to stay a little bit more but hey, we’ll definitely see him this year when a player goes down.

Same with Connor James in the light that you’ll see James at least once this year. He had a good year in WBS last year and I feel like he’ll keep improving.

Though I gotta say, it’s awesome to see that Pez is still on the roster. Now it’s a definite possibility that he’ll on the roster that travels to Sweden for the opening games. He’s been solid in camp anyways so don’t be surprised to see Janne make it.

Anyways my prediction for the next cut: Bill Thomas



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