He's an odd looking character isn't he folks?

He's an odd looking character isn't he folks?

A totally unexpected signing that took place yesterday was TK (Tyler Kennedy) re-signing to a two-year extension.

Sometimes I don’t like these signings at unexpected moments and times like these but I gotta say I LOVE this signing. The Pens need to lock up more of their role players and Kennedy is a good one. Other than Crosby, he’s the only one that goes 100% at all times. He even has the ability to chip in a goal here and there and is a great set up guy. Pretty much the perfect 3rd line player who can play 1st or 2nd line when needed. It’s awesome to see him in fights because he’ll just viciously attack the player (talking to YOU Scottie Upshall). How bout some more of that this year Mr. Kennedy? I’d like some.

I expect more of the same from TK this year. As he gains more experience, I feel his point and goal total should rise a bit. Remember this will only be his second full year in the NHL, just think of how good he’ll be in a few years. I think it’s obvious that I’m anxious to see his improvement in the coming years.

Also, gotta give some kudos to Ray Shero for getting this done. Along with the ‘core’ players, I think he realizes that his role guys are also as equally important. Every Stanley Cup winner always has solid role players and right now that’s what the Pens are trying to establish. Hopefully either during the season or the offseason, Shero will continue signing more role players like Talbot.

One signing we don’t have to worry about next offseason…



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  1. jan Says:

    Yeah maybe a little odd looking but I’m a portrait artist so I stare at faces for long periods of time and I think that ‘odd looking’ is a good thing. Just makes you more recognizable and interesting to look at! In a good way!:-)

    jan (siddrawer)

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