Preseason Game #4 Recap: Penguins vs. Maple Leafs


I guess you can still call them the ‘Cardiac Kids’ in the preseason. The Pens rallied to beat the Leafs 5-4 in Toronto tonight.

Sid was back for those that didn’t know. Thought that was pretty awesome, I didn’t expect him to play at all. Fleury was in goal tonight which I was really happy about. I wanted him to start at least one more preseason game. Unfortunately he let in 4 goals which makes me concerened.

Anyways, the goals for the Pens were Sidney Crosby, Janne Pesonen, Mark Eaton, Kris Letang and Matt Cooke. While listening to it, I was VERY pleased to see Eaton score. I’m really rooting for this kid this year and hope he actually plays a FULL SEASON HEALTHY for once. Nice to see Pez score as well, I’m starting to get the feeling he’ll make the next cut and go over to Sweden.

Probably the most staggering stat was that Toronto had 40 shots while the Pens only had 25 but still won. Pretty much shows you how great of an offense the Pens have. Have 15 more shots than the other team and STILL lose…EPIC FAILURE for the Leafs. That team could be BAD this year.

The Pens were down the whole game. 1-0, 3-1, and 4-3 but they never gave up and won. Hey I know it’s preseason but I LOVE IT. Was about to turn it off at the end but I knew these kids had a fight in them…they always do.

That’s when Letang tied the game up at 4 with less than 5 minutes to go and then Cookie took the lead with less than 3 minutes to go. Once again, I know it’s just a preseason game but oh yeah, I was flipping out like it was a playoff game.

Remember that I’m not putting much effort into these preseason games. For regular season games, it’ll be a full recap. So stay tuned for some awesome recaps.




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