Preseason Game #3 Recap: Maple Leafs vs. Penguins



No Crosby? Ehh no problem. Since the hockey news now is STILL a bit slow (thank you ESPN), Sidney Crosby sat out tonight’s game with a sore groin. Now before everyone starts to freak out, this was a precautionary scratch. Not a big deal at all but just that the Pens didn’t want this to be a big problem.

Anyways, the Pens ended up defeating the Leafs 3-2 tonight at Mellon Arena. Another decent crowd for a preseason game was on hand tonight.

So with Crosby out, Jeff Taffe centered the first line with Dupuis and Satan. Malkin centered the second line with Feds and Sykora. Talbot then centered the third line with James and Kennedy. Sabo started again tonight surprisingly and surprisingly he did well. Hopefully MAF plays Friday night, I really want one more preseason game out of him.

Sykora lit up the lamp with with his third goal in the preseason making the score 1-0 early in the first. Really excited to see him play this year with Malkin. Methinks they’ll have great chemistry together. 1-0 ‘Guins.

Then an odd play occurred when Feds meant to pass it to Letang but it actually deflected off a defenseman (don’t know who) and went in. 2-0 ‘Guins.

A couple fights occurred in the first period but it remained 2-0 Pens at the end of the first…happy times!

To start out the second period, the Leafs went on a powerplay when Malkin scored a B-E-AUTIFUL goal off of a turnover to make the deficit even worse. 3-0 ‘Guins.

End of the second period…3-0 Pens.

Nothing much happened in the third other than the Leafs scored twice to make it 3-2 as Alexei Ponikarovsky and Mikhail Grabovski were the goal scorers. Grabovski scored with about 11 seconds to go.

Pens rake the Leafs 3-2 and a “BIG-BIG WIN FOR THE PENGUINS”…will NEVER give that up.

Not going to lie, I didn’t listen or watch the game tonight as I was not home all night. I just took this off of what LGP posters said in the game-thread topic. Of course I had to miss tonight to as their was a live feed on the Pens website (sigh).



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