Life Is Definitely A Beech…

AHL Lifer

Kris Beech: AHL Lifer

The second wave of cuts from the Pittsburgh roster down to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton roster were made earlier today.

Some noticeable players that WERE NOT cut are Janne Pesonen (yay), Bill Thomas (possible sleeper?), and Danny Richmond (he could make the trip to Sweden since Gonch is out for a little while). I think either Pez or Thomas will make the trip over to Sweden as well.

However, the ones that were cut were Ryan Stone and Kris Beech.

It’s a shame that Stone never panned out. He was suppose to be pretty good and some expected him to make the opening night roster. Hopefully he can progess more in the AHL and make a few appearances this year when players go down with injuries.

Don’t have to worry about Kris Beech being on the roster. I never really liked the idea of signing him in the first place. He’s been a career dissapointment and will continue to be one. Not a surprise at all that he got cut and probably will play the majority of his season down in WBS.



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