He Said WHAT?!

It was fun Bugsy...

It was fun Bugsy...

So after the 07/08 season, everyone assumed that Ryan Malone was going bye-bye’s forever from the Penguins organization. It was his pay-day after his best year yet and he deserved to get the money he got from the ‘Bolts. It was a business decision for Malone to go, both on his part and the Ray Shero’s part.

However, in the PIttsburgh Tribune-Review, Malone has stated ‘A deal could have been done a long time ago’ with the Pens.

Sort of interesting how he says that yet he’s the one who wanted the money in the first place. Not only that but Shero wasn’t going to give him the big bucks he wanted and with all the contracts the Pens needed to extend, there was no way Bugsy was coming back. It’s unfortunate, yes, but it’s what he had to do. I wish we could have Bugsy back for this year but I expect Staal to fill in that role nicely in the coming years.

Not only that but Ryan’s been a inconsistent player throughout his career. He turned it on halfway through the year last year and that was it. I still remember the cries over at LGP for the Pens to get rid of him.



Sergei Gonchar’s injury apparently seems worse than once thought. He was supposed to have an MRI today earlier this afternoon and results to come in later. Many are saying it could be a separated shoulder which could really suck because he’ll be out for 4-8 weeks possibly. Though we’ll need him more in April than October, it is a bummer to have your two top defensemen out for a while.
The Pens D really can’t afford another injury. ..ugh.
Crosby > Zetterberg

Crosby > Zetterberg

Before I say what I’m about to say, let me just say I think Henrik Zetterberg is an elite hockey player. Got that? You did? Good.

Wes Goldstein of CBS, posted his top 50 player rankings last week and it struck some controversy with me. First off, why is CBS writing about hockey? They don’t even have hockey on their station so why care about it on your website? Laff.

Anyways, he has Henrik Zetterberg #1 over Alex Ovechkin and our very own Sidney Crosby. Ovechkin’s second and Crosby’s third. Interesting, I’d like to see a poll conducted by all NHL GM’s to see who they would take for their first pick – Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, or Henrik Zetterberg?

I’ll tell you the answer to that question….it’s zero, the answer is zero.



One Response to “He Said WHAT?!”

  1. Hooper Says:

    Zetterberg as a 2 way player > Crosby as a 2 way player

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