Preseason Game #1 Recap: Lightning vs. Penguins


My game threads will usually be a lot more comprehensive and detailed for the regular season games. I couldn’t watch it and listened to most of it.

Sounded like the Pens were going to get blown out when they went down 3-1. However, they came back and tied it up at 3 but ended up losing 5-4 in a shootout with goals by Stakmos and Jokinen.

Staal had the first goal of the game. Crosby later then followed and Siiiicckkkora (Petr Sykora for the people that don’t get that stuff because they’re not smart) chipped in two goals. Sounded like Staal was comfortable on the left wing with Malkin, had two points. REALLY happy to see and hear that.

Of course you can expect the Pens to be a little flat. I mean they ARE getting a feel for each other and trying to get used to each other. You’ll probably see a lot more of this to start out in not only preseason games but in the early games of the seasons as well. Then the “THE SKY IS FALLING” crowd will come out of the woodwork and pleasure us all…they’re real delightful and make us all giggle.

Gonch got hurt. He was hit by David Koci and only played for like 3 minutes or so. Though you always should be cautious with stuff like that, he should be OK. Supposedly it’s a shoulder injury from what the Pens official site says. If he goes down though, our nice depth that we had is shot. I don’t think it’s serious though.

If any of you listened to the game, you would’ve known that the Lightning’s radio guy, David Mishkin is a complete bafoon. Every time the ‘Bolts scored he’d act like they just won the Stanley Cup. Every time their goalie made a save, he’d act like Jesus Christ just appeared on the face of the earth.

Then the greatest line EVER by an announcer made after a preseason game…”A BIG-BIG WIN FOR THE LIGHTNING!!” Okay buddy…

Not much to take from this game. What else happened? Oh, Satan hit the post a lot. He’ll need to capitalize on that during the season or it could cost us.



2 Responses to “Preseason Game #1 Recap: Lightning vs. Penguins”

  1. Eric Says:

    That Mishkin guy was quite a joke.
    Didn’t sound like that bad of a game, although Fleury’s performance (4 goals on 30 shots, 0-2 in the shootout) was a little disappointing after hearing about what a great camp he’s had.
    It’s only the pre-season though, hopefully things will come together before Oct. 4.

  2. Paul Says:

    Mishkin is a bit of a dope….but then again, what do you expect from the sun belt when it comes to hockey? 🙂

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