Pez Is Fine With Going to AHL

Where's the GOLD HELMET?!

Where's the GOLD HELMET?!

 I was excited. You were excited. Every single Pens fan was excited about the appearance of Janne Pesonen. The thrilling yet hilarious video of Pez got fans, like me PUMPED about him. He completely dominated the Finnish League and looked ‘ready’ for the big show. Some Pens fans even pegged Pez on the first line with Crosby for OPENING NIGHT.

However, Pez realizes that he probably won’t be starting with the Pens opening night. It’s unfortunate as i would love to see Pez wear a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey on opening night instead of a Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins jersey. Surprisingly (and thankfully) though, Pez is okay with that…

“Whatever it takes,” said Pesonen, who need not clear waivers to play in the AHL. “I want to win games and be at a top level. If it’s not open in the beginning of the season, maybe it’s open a little bit later.”

VERY refreshing to hear that from Pez. It’s good for not only the Pens but for Pez. As noted before, he realizes how good this Pens team is and it won’t be a while until he’s officially on the starting lineup. In a way, Pez would REALLY have to shine out a few players to make the opening night roster. He’s a natural scorer and the only way he can really show his scoring skill off is on the first or second line. Unfortunately for him, our top 6 has too many experienced and better players.

However, from camp reports, Pez is actually performing pretty good. A video I watched earlier today of him at practice, he back-checked really well and got the puck back. He’s looked very fast and on top of things. These are all encouraging things to hear and see because if a player gets injured, which will happen, Pez will have a good chance of being brought up. Sometimes you can’t let that talent and skill sit down in the minors forever.

As I think about it more, once Pesonen gets his feet wet and understands the North American game, I feel he can be more productive than Dupuis. Now I like Dupuis, he was a good complimentary player for Crosby and Hossa last year and will continue to be one with Satan and Crosby. However, the first line is all about producing and unfortunately for Dupuis, he doesn’t do enough of it. Like I said earlier, Pez is a natural scorer and he should be on the same line with top players.  Just the thought of Crosby having not only one but TWO natural scorers makes me giddy.

Satan-Crosby-Pesonen could be sick!

It’s always nice to hear that Pez isn’t letting his ego get the best of him. He’s learning a new game in a new world and isn’t acting like he’s better than anyone else because he ripped up in the Finnish League. Seems like he has a good head on his shoulders.

Methinks Pez will play and make an impact during the second half of the season which leads to Pez being on the starting lineup on opening day on 09/10.



One Response to “Pez Is Fine With Going to AHL”

  1. Hooper Says:

    replacing crosby wtith cosby makes much more sense. who knew Dr. Huggstable could dish it?

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