Satan: ‘Simmer down folks, simmer down’

I'd like to see a lot of that with a skating penguin on the shirt

I'd like to see a lot of that with a skating penguin on the shirt

When the Penguins first acquired, I had the same thought as everyone else did…”Satan in a Pens jersey?! WHAT?!” But like the rest of you, the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of having the devil on God’s wing (yeah…that’s Sidney Crosby folks…probably already knew that though). He’s a true sniper on a playmaker’s wing. For the first time in his career, Crosby will actually start the year with a true and decent sniper instead of the worst excuses for ‘wings’ as players.

So of course Pens fans get all giddy  at the thought of Sid actually having a sniper on his wing for the whole year. Then of course the expectations have been high for Satan with the visions of him producing possibly scoring 35+ goals (eh, even I expect him to score over 30 but under 35).

But in a recent SI article, Satan is uncertain about meeting our expectations..

“Hopefully, I can meet everyone’s expectations,” Satan said.

Yeah, hopefully he can as well (both for the Pens and my fantasy team). Methinks he starts out slow and of course, Pens fans will make ridiculous threads on LGP stating “WE SHOULD TRADEZ SATAN! HE SUCKZ” Then I think he gradually starts to pick it up and goes on a complete and total rampage to end the season with over 30 goals.

From camp reports on Faceoff-Factor and the Penguins official site, Satan has looked like the REAL DEAL. People are already raving about his chemistry with Crosby. Even though I expect a slow start from Satan, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit if him and Crosby ‘hit it off’. They both seem so natural and so…perfect for each other to be successful right away (not trying to make this like a ‘relationship’ thing…sounds a little awkward, I know).

Oh and Crosby has no problem with the devil being on the same line as him…

“He’s a shooter, he’s a goal scorer, that’s no secret,” Crosby said of Satan. “He knows where to go, so my job doesn’t change. I’m usually the one passing, so that’s fine.”

I think you’ll be seeing a lot of 87 to 81 connections this season.

Of course Satan could be a total dud like Recchi was but hey, this is a Penguins blog…Penguins bias 24/7.



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