Just Keep Re-Stocking ‘Em Baby…

Caputi = Greatest last name EVER!

Caputi = Greatest last name EVER!

So as we all know the Penguins ‘core’ is consisted of top first round draft picks who are Crosby, Malkin, Fleury and Staal. With the recent success, not many Pens fans have taken a look down at the Pens minor league system in WBS.

That brings in Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review who recently wrote a pretty good article actually prasising the Pens drafting and development. In the article, Rossi made a good point that the Pens don’t need their minor league players to become major impact/star type players. They don’t have to depend on them to make any major replacements. Now of course in the future players like Alex Goligoski might have to actually become effective and make the team when Gonchar retires/leaves. 

However, all the Pens need to depend on players like Goligoski, Ryan Stone, Jonathan Filewich and Luca Caputi (even maybe Janne Pesonen as well) is for them to be useful role players. Possibly playing in the 3rd or 4th line when other players depature or get injured. Add the fact that only one or two of the Pens top prospects might be more than role players in the near future is another reason to believe that they’ll just be role players.

Right now, the Pens are in a great situation. They have so much top-end talent and skill they can depend on to win them games. They don’t have one or two ‘saviors’ on their team to step up, they have three or four.

Which brings me to my next point. Is it possible that the Pens are possibly creating a system like the Devils and the Red Wings have?

“They’re in a position every NHL franchise wants to be in, but few have the luxury of being in,” Oke said. “The rapid development of their best prospects has allowed them to start building a ‘Penguins System,’ and that’s the true measure of success for any franchise.

“Only a few franchises — New Jersey and Detroit — have done it. Pittsburgh is going in that direction.”

I never really thought of that ’till now because it takes A LOT of years to build up a system that New Jersey and Detroit has. You need exceptional management and that starts at the top with the GM. Both the Devils and Red Wings have great GM’s in Lou Lamoriello as the Devils GM and Ken Holland as the Red Wings GM. Do I think Ray Shero can be as good as both Lamoriello and Holland? I don’t know, I doubt that. However, I do believe that Shero can and has become a very good GM with most of his deals working out in the Pens favor.

It’d be awesome for the Pens to turn into what the Devils and Red Wings have and have a “Penguins System” but I’m skeptical now.

In other news…


I’m pretty damn pumped.

That is all.



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