How Awesome Is It?



It’s pretty damn awesome. So on Thursday I finally got NHL 09 (damn you Best Buy for not having it in ’till Thursday and not Tuesday) and after two days of playing it non-stop (with an occasional break for the PSU/Syracuse game) and I’d have to say this is the best hockey game EVER!

“Why such a bold statement?” is what you’re probably thinking. Well at first when this game was being hyped up to better than NHL 08, I was skeptical. NHL 08 was and still is a blast to play so I thought reviewers were overrating this game.

Boy was I wrong.

This game is possibly the greatest sports game ever which says something considering all of my 360 games are sports games and that’s all I play. The realness of it is amazing, all of the player’s faces look EXACTLY like they do in real life and in a way, the graphics are slightly better (which is something I didn’t expect). The gameplay is very, very good as well. I like that one-timers are harder and that the puck flutters more. It gives its realness that I talked about earlier.

Be-A-Pro mode is awesome as well. I didn’t like that you aren’t drafted by a team though. It should be like you’re a REAL player and your career process should be REAL. Which means you should be drafted randomly by a team. Oh well, that’s only a small part I don’t like.

I decided to pick Chicago since they’re my second favorite team and chose my player type to be  a ‘sniper’. I love that when they open each game up you’re actually coming through and going onto the ice with the focusing on you. Thought that was neat. Sort of don’t like that YOU can do line changes. The coaches should decide when you go out on the ice. Instead all of you have to do tap ‘B’ and you’re out there within 10 seconds.

Thought the ‘card’ concept where you get your own hockey card was pretty saweeet. I don’t know why but I like those kind of things.

Yeah, the game is pretty epic and anyone with a soul should buy it.

Stan's the man

Stan's the man

GOOD NEWS! Stan Savran broke the news on FSN Pittsburgh last week that the two-game series between the Senators/Penguins in Stockholm, Sweden will indeed be on FSN Pittsburgh. So incredibly happy about that as I was worried that they were going to show it on CBC and CBC only.



4 Responses to “How Awesome Is It?”

  1. Paul Says:


    Great stuff, I am thinking about buying NHL09 and you convinced me! I just happened onto your blog while searching for other Pens blogs. I ru one over at I would be honored if you put me on your blog roll, and I will do the same for you. Looking forward to another great season!

  2. Ben Says:


    Thanks for the comment and I have added you to my blogroll.

    Thanks for reading and Go Pens!

  3. Paul Says:

    Well, sadly I bought NHL09 this evening only to have my X-Box go into the 2-red rings error. I am shipping it back to Microsoft to get it repaired under warranty. Looks like it will be a few weeks before I can enjoy NHL09!

  4. Dan Says:

    I would love to go an buy it Benny (LMAO) but as you know, im too cheap to go out and buy a Xbox360 of my own, im still living in the early part of the decade!

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