Is Optimism Finally In The Air?

Do you REALLY think he'll let this team struggle? C'mon...

Do you REALLY think he'll let his team struggle?

Yeah, it gets real old after a while. We keep hearing time and time and time again that the Penguins will be taking a big step back like the Senators took last season and so many before them took. We hear this…”HOSSAZ IS GONE THAT MEANS YOU SUCKZZ!!” Well we didn’t suck before him and we won’t suck after him. Yeah, we’re not big fans of suckers which is why we’re Pens fans and not Flyers fans.

Thankfully though the Penguins official website has posted an article that gives us Pens fans the good stuff about our team and not the crap that gets shoved down our throats from the haters. Now of course the Pens official site will post a positive article instead of a negative article because their next negative one they do post will be the first.

However, it does bring up a good point and that is the ‘expierence factor’. In any playoffs in any sport, expierence is essential espically in hockey. Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, and Staal (the core) are all one year better and have something that’s going be extremely important – Stanley Cup expierence.

They know how to get there, they know how to do it. So instead of facing the impossible task of ‘getting there’, it’s more of a ‘ehh been there, done that’. It’ll obviously still be very hard to get back there since the East is getting stronger with the younger teams that are starting to emerge as ‘elite teams’. But what the Pens can say and what the Pens have that the Canadiens, Capitals, Flyers, etc. don’t is the valueable expierence. I’d even have to say the expierence of being smacked by the Wings should help as well. They pretty much know they have to step up their game A LOT in the Stanley Cup Finals and play much better.

Another big reason why many are suggesting the Pens will struggle this year is that the losers of the previous Stanley Cup have a history of taking a big step backwards the next year. But the difference between this year’s Pens team and the past Stanley Cup runners-up is that Stanley Cup runner-ups keep the same roster while the Pens are a completely different team with new additions.

Now that could be a positive or a negative. I’m in a good mood tonight so we’ll start off with the positives.

Good: New players could change the complexity of the team and bring in a new mood that wasn’t there last season. The rest of the team forgets about the players that left and knows they need to form a bond with the new guys. Also, new players are more hungrier to fight out for positions and impress not only the coaches but the entire team. Which then makes the rest of the team up their level of play and make them better. Hungry team = Yikes (espically this one).

Bad: Chemistry is huge in hockey and none of the new guys will have it with the rest of the team. It can screw up timing and potential scoring chances in big games. The team last year was so used to playing and being on each other lines and now it’s a completely new system to work with. Therrian will probably switch lines up every night because of the newbies which will probably cause frustration among the team which will then turn out to be a bigger problem than what it should be. Not this Therrien, please, not this year.

However, in this case, I think I’ll bank on the hope that Satan and Feds will thrive on playing with two of the best player’s in the world. Crosby can make ANYONE look good and Malkin’s getting to the point where he can too. Add that Satan and Feds aren’t as far beyond on their primes as everyone thinks they are and I see the additions becoming plusses for us.

Speaking of ’87’, I loved this quote from the article…

“I don’t think you can really worry about it,” Penguins captain Sidney Crosby told “You have to look at things short-term. When you go that far, you start the next season thinking we have to get back there. That’s where everyone wants to be. But the process of the season doesn’t change because you were there the year before. You have to have a good start. There are different points of the season, whether it be longer road trips or a stretch of divisional games, there are certain points that are big. You have to realize and recognize what they are, the same as you would the year before. If anything, you have to use the experience you’ve gained to your advantage.”

I love it. Absolutely have fallen in love this quote.

First off, it shows that Crosby’s maturing. He realizes that every part of the season is important and you have to worry about what’s happening now instead of the future. The ‘expierence factor’ taught him that. Second off, does anyone really think Crosby will let this team struggle? I mean honestly, the kid (no pun intended) is so driven and so hungry that I doubt he’ll let HIS team slip into mediocrocity. After last season’s dissapointment, I bet he’s foaming at the mouth to get back to the SCF.

I’m not predicting the Pens to go back to the SCF. In fact, I got the Pens being upset in the second round. However, this whole crap about them possibly not making the playoffs and finishing in 7th or 8th place and barely making it in is bogus. When you have Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Marc-Andre Fleury, all still maturing and growing, you’re not going to barely make the playoffs.

Can’t wait till the season starts and have us prove the haters wrong…again.



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