Friday Night ‘Guins – Seventh Edition

Here is the seventh edition of Friday Night ‘Guins…

I love watching Mario videos. All of them make my jaw drop and all ten of these do. Just unbelievable, breath taking, jaw-dropping, insane and “oh my God, did he REALLY just do that?” type of plays. I’ll go over all ten…

# 10: I don’t know how he does it. To make two sick moves, one on the defenseman and one on the goalie and then to pass it to a wide open teammate when he was barely looking, for a goal is just…too much for words. Add that it was against the Rangers makes it even more better.

# 9: He makes it look so easy and so simple. Get the puck, make a little move, then just shoot between the goalie’s legs like it’s nothing. All I could think when I watched was ‘how the eff did he do that?!’ Simply amazing.

#8: Lemieux didn’t even see him. He wasn’t looking at his guy yet it was a PERFECT pass for a goal. The ESPN jokes make a big deal about Kobe Bryant making a no look pass like five feet away. But Lemieux made a sensational no look pass across the ice for a goal which is probably the hardest thing to do in hockey.

#7: REDICIOLOUS! Squeezing through two defenders then shooting it as he’s falling down and having that much strength to do it so is awesome. Pretty much a vintage Lemieux.

#6: One word…sick. That is all.

#5: Every highlight is a new one. This time he loses control of the puck, then flips it in the air to ‘tap’ it in mid-air to score. Where else do you see that? Yeah, that’s what I thought, only Mario could do that. Oh and I think having a defender in his way probably adds some difficulty to it as well.

#4: It’s like he has ‘full control’ of the puck like basketball players do with the ball. Completely undressed the defender, then made a fool out of the other defender to easily score. How he does it, I will never know…

#3: It’s like he played footsies with Bourque with the puck. Trickling it through his feet then making another move on him to score on a wicked shot going top shelf. Most players lose the puck and it becomes a scrum. Mario doesn’t, he scores.

#2: Even though it isn’t a Penguins related play, it’s still pretty damn amazing. Nice move by poking the puck away, then going to down to score in the clutch for Canada. Awesome showing of his athlectism.

#1: Definitely agreed with this play being number one. Sometimes defenders just need to stop trying against Mario and let him score…it got pretty pathetic back then. But anyways, that’s probably one of the top 5 best goals for me that I’ve seen. Of course you got the great move on the defender then to hurry up and change directions at the last second and score is beyond unreal.

AWESOME video that I recommend any hockey fan to watch.

All hail 66.



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