How’s ‘Geno’s Summer Going You Ask?

In Soviet Russia, offseason PLAYS YOU!!!

In Soviet Russia, offseason PLAYS YOU!!!

*A little change with the way I’ll run things here at TPP. I’ll be doing TPP’s Friday Night ‘Guins every two Fridays instead of every Friday.

A Russian website posted an article a few days ago about our very own, Evgeni Malkin. The article’s in Russian but thankfully someone over at LGP decided to use the translator website to see what the article had in store…

On the chances of him coming back to Russia…

“It’s clear that a lot of money has been invested in KHL. If that continues, it will be a very strong league in a couple of years….. I don’t want to look into the future, not more than a couple of years. I just signed a contract, and you want me to run again? {laughs} But nothing is impossible; Radulov, for example, returned to Russia. If the league is strong, and players keep returning, why not? It’s always more pleasant to play at home, where you have your relatives and fans. But NHL is my choice now.”

Sounds like he wants to stay in the NHL NOW and in the near future. However, as he starts getting to the end of his career he’ll most likely go to Russia. I’m just assuming by the quote above but I wouldn’t be surprised at all and I wouldn’t blame him. Ya know he probably wants to play in his old country some day.

On his summer…

“Resting turned out to be very short. I went to Maldives with my girlfriend, had a great time there, then I went home for a short while, and then to St. Petersburg. There, we trained rather well – Semenov, Gonchar, Kozlov, several young kids. Then back again to Magnitogorsk. A short summer.”

Nice to see he’s training a bit this offseason (of course everyone does but it’s a nice refresher).

Weren’t you tempted to prolong it? Back in your hometown, a lot of entertainment all around…

“There are always temptations. Honestly speaking, I haven’t run completely according to the program. I played tennis with my trainer, but it’s necessary to hit the gym now. I have been strolling around a little, and have been coming back home a little later. Now and then, it’s a little tough to keep myself withing the limits, but training is crucial now, one has to understand that.”

At the same time though, Malkin has a life and of course he’s gonna spend some extra ‘sexy time’ with his woman. Though he’s probably hitting the gym HARD now, he has a party side to him. That man cracks me up.

In what mood you will return back to Pittsburgh? You have already signed a new big contract with the Penguins – how will this influence your emotions in the upcoming season?

“The main thing now is not to weaken. My future is set, money will not disappear , but it is necessary to prove that the club doesn’t pay me for nothing.”

AWESOME quote right there saying he has to prove himself to the franchise. Shows he’s going to keep on trying to get better and work harder and make the team around him better. That’s what builds a Stanley Cup team. Guys like that, that have the type of passion and strive for the game to be champions.

CAN’T WAIT to see ‘Geno this year. Amazing year last year, it’ll be interesting to see how he performs next year.



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