Just Some Whoa’s and Some Aww’s

I got a hunch about Goski...

Every season, every team expierences certain players that come out of nowhere and play beyond what they were expected to. Then certian players do exactly what they weren’t expected to and aren’t as good as they once were.

In this situtation, the Penguins were obviously no different than anyone else as they had some surprises (POOTIE TANG, Tyler Kennedy) and some dissapointments (Jordan Staal, Ryan Whitney).

My predictions on the surprises and dissapointments for the 08/09 year…


Alex Goligoski – I like the kid. Saw a few of his highlights and I think he’ll make a POOTIE TANG type impact this year. He should be able to fit right into the Pens system as an offensive d-man and work on the powerplays a bit.

Miroslav Satan – Satan having a solid season on Crosby’s line probably wouldn’t surprise me or any other Penguins fans but it’d definitely shock non-Penguins fans. Satan’s has been averaging 28 goals per season in his whole career and he’ll have the best linemate/center he’s ever got/has had in Crosby yet many are doubting him. He’s had a very good career so far but he just didn’t play well the past two seasons which makes people believe he’s not the same player he used to be (even though he played with some putrid players like Mike Sillinger). I expect really good numbers out of Satan this year…


Ruslan Fedotenko – Of course, Feds, like Satan didn’t have his usual breakout seasons like he usually does with the Islanders. Even though I don’t neccessarily think he’ll be ‘bad’, I just don’t think he’ll be as good as people excpect him to be. I can see him getting shuffled up between the second and third line and living up to expectations.

Janne Pesonen – I know he’s the ‘fan favorite’ right now and everyone’s excited to see him and hey, so am I but on Crosby’s line to start the season? I don’t think so. He first needs expierence and right now he has none of it. Then he has to actually MAKE the team let alone playing on the first line and instead getting sent down to WBS. I think he’ll be a solid bottom-6 guy by the end of the year but I doubt he gets on Crosby’s line unless he plays UNREAL this year.

I only picked two which I know there could be more on both sides.

Lets hope for more surprises than dissapointments though!



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