You Got It All Wrong THN

Geno laughs at THN

Geno laughs at THN

THN (The Hockey News) magzine recently have come out with their annual “Top 50 Player Rankings” and see how much of a mess they truly made…

1. Sidney Crosby
2. Alex Ovechkin
3. Henrik Zetterberg
4. Pavel Datsyuk
5. Vincent Lecavalier
6. Niklas Lidstrom
7. Roberto Luongo
8. Jarome Iginla
9. Evgeni Malkin
10. Dany Heatley
11. Chris Pronger
12. Daniel Alfredsson
13. Marian Gaborik
14. Henrik Lundqvist
15. Brenden Morrow
16. Evgeni Nabokov
17. Marian Hossa
18. Ilya Kovalchuk
19. Eric Staal
20. Zdeno Chara
21. Joe Thornton
22. Dion Phaneuf
23. Martin Brodeur
24. J-S Giguere
25. Martin St-Louis
26. Scott Niedermayer
27. Brian Rafalski
28. Sergei Gonchar
29. Marty Turco
30. Ryan Getzlaf
31. Andrei Markov
32. Zach Parise
33. Ales Hemsky
34. Jason Spezza
35. Vesa Toskala
36. Rick Nash
37. Joe Sakic
38. Scott Gomez
39. Ryan Miller
40. Jonathan Toews
41. Daniel Sedin
42. Daniel Briere
43. Anze Kopitar
44. Miikka Kiprusoff
45. Paul Statsny
46. Shane Doan
47. Derek Roy
48. Mark Savard
49. Mike Richards
50. Patrick Kane

Not going to lie, I’m surprised that Crosby’s #1 and Ovechkin’s #2. Not saying I disagree with it because I do agree that Crosby is a slightly (and I say slightly heavily here) better than Ovechkin but Ovechkin has been the ‘flavor of the month’ this whole off-season. Since he had that incredible season last year with over 60 goals, everyone has been talking about him and not Crosby since Crosby was the one who missed a third of the season. Add to the fact that Ovechkin took home three major awards with two of them being the Art and Hart (which are the MVP awards for the uneducated) trophy.

But ehh, I’ll take it.

Pavel Datsyuk at #4 wreaks of overrating a player. Top 10? Yes, for sur,. but not in the top 5. I’d probably switch him and his teammate Nikalas Lidstrom at #6.

Malkin at #9 is a JOKE. I know he’s only played two seasons but I think many hockey fans would agree with me that he’s established himself as a top 5, world-class player. To say that Evgeni Malkin is actually the 9th best player in the league is nothing short of a crime. He stepped up in the biggest time last season when Crosby went down and ended second in points. Geno was also another big reason why the Pens even made the SCF (though he had a poor performance in the SCF). Malkin is EASILY a top 5 player, bar none.

Henrik Lundqvist at 14? I want to know, what is the love-fest with this guy? Sure he’s a solid goalie but he’s not top 15 overall player material. One night he can look like the greatest goalie ever, then the next he looks like the worst goalie ever.

What’s even more funnier is that Lunqvist’s ranked higher than Brodeur, who’s at 23. Brodeur easily deserves in the top 10 on this list. Without him, the Devils are in the bottom of the Atlantic Divison. He’s been the only consistent goalie on this list year after year yet he’s #23? Psh, get out of here.

Marian Hossa (traitor) and Iyla Kovalcuk should be higher, probably in the 10-15 area.

What’s more of a joke of Malkin at 9 is Joe Thornton being at 21. Not going to lie, I laughed pretty hard seeing that Joe freakin’ Thornton was at 21. So Joe Thornton who was being considered to win the MVP isn’t a top 10 player huh? This shows the true intelligence of whoever made this list that a top 5, let alone top 10 player is not even in the top 20.

THN’s credibility is officially SHOT!



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