All You Need Is Love…

Sid's ole' trained chimpanzee

Sid's ole' trained chimpanzee

A few days ago I made a post ripping Mike Toth for his article stating that the ‘Pens would struggle to make the playoffs’. Then just a couple days ago, USA Today sports writer Kevin Allen posted his 16 top teams where the Pens come in third in the entire NHL.

Now I’m not going praise this article just because he has the Pens third. Like I’ve said before, if you have solid reasons on to why the Pens will struggle to make the playoffs, I’ll understand and hear them out. However, as we all know I ripped Toth’s article for the reasons he so idiotically stated and not his opinion on why the Pens will struggle to make the playoffs.

3. Pittsburgh Penguins: I’m not sure I believe Miroslav Satan and Ruslan Fedotenko can make up for the loss of Hossa and Ryan Malone. But I do believe that Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin can be among the scoring leaders even if they had a trained chimpanzee on their wing. The Penguins will be in the Stanley Cup mix as long as Crosby is captain.

“But I do believe that Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin can be among the scoring leaders even if they had a trained chimpanzee on their wing”…HA! Scary thing is…it’s true.

To be truthfully honest, I don’t believe the Pens are a top 3 team in the NHL. I think they lost too much with top-shelf players like Hossa and Malone and lost too much grit and toughness in Ruutu and Laraque. The Pens are a top 5 team though. Any team with the caliber of Crosby and Malkin, plus a near (and improving) elite goalie in Fleury are a sure fire bet to be a top 5 team.

Along with his Penguins ranking, I do disagree with him about some other teams/rankings…

I do not believe that the Habs are the second best team in the league. Like the Pens, they ARE a top 5 team and have the potential to be the second best team, but I don’t think they’re there yet. First in the East? Well that’s obviously maintainable as they won it last year but I’m not buying the Habs as the number two yet.

Sharks and Stars should move up one spot.

I REALLY disagree with the Devils as the seventh best team in the league. Brodeur can only take them so far and last time I checked you need to score more goals than the other team to win which is something that the Devils struggle at. Sure the addition of Rolston will definitely help but I don’t think he’s enough. Add that Paul Martin is NOT a number one defenseman and don’t expect Colin White or Bryce Salvador to be either.

Though every year I say this and they end up winning the Atlantic…damn Devils.

I got a funny feeling about the Senators this year, I don’t know why but I think they should be a couple spots ahead. They experienced a lot injuries last year and a lot of adversity as well. If that team can stay healthy, they have a real shot at beating out the Habs in the Northeast. Don’t be surprised to see the Sens shock a few people and maybe even win their own division. Remember this team still has the three headed monster in Alfredsson, Heatley, and Spezza.

The Lightning are getting overrated so incredibly much this off-season. Sure they added a bunch of offense but the thing is…that wasn’t their problem last year. Their problems were at defense and goaltending and they did nothing to improve on that. Sure they should rack up a bunch of goals but I honestly believe the 08/09 Bolts = 05/06 Penguins. Bunch of hype of how good they CAN be but end up faltering because they didn’t sure up their weaknesses.

Other than that, it was a pretty good list (though I knocked him for his rankings a good bit). Of course though I’ll look at this at the end of the season and nothing that he or anyone else predicted became true (okay maybe the Wings predictions…they’re loaded…ugh).



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