Line Combo Predictions

Staal will center the third line...for now.

Staal will center the third line...for now.

As I’ve been pondering about what to write for TPP, I realized I never made my predictions for opening night lines…





Probably the most obvious line combos but this is honestly the way I see it being played out.

On the first line, Satan on Crosby’s line is a no-brainer, it’s why we signed him. I like Dupuis on Crosby’s line because he was actually solid with Crosby and Hossa last season during the playoffs. I sort of like having a guy like Dupuis on a line with two goal scorers (well Crosby is more of a playmaker but you know what I mean). He’s not a typical first liner but what I like about Dupuis is that he takes advantage of the opportunity to be on Crosby’s line. Plus he has experience/chemistry with him already.

The second line will probably won’t surprise you at all either. Sykora should be on Malkin’s line the whole year as the both of them really started to produce towards the end of the year and during the playoffs. Even though I have Feds starting out on the second line to begin the year, I have a feeling he’ll be soon replaced by Staal who many have pegged as Malkin’s wing-man. However for right now, I see Feds on the second line to see if he can return to his old form when he was with Tampa a couple years ago.

On the third line, I obviously have Staal as the center (though like I said, I expect that to change). I like Talbot on the third line because I think he’s too good to be buried on the fourth line as the natural center. Plus his energy is too good for him to be on the fourth line. Then you have the man that everyone has been raving about…Janne Pesonen. Right now, I like Pez as a third liner because I feel he needs more experience to be on Crosby’s line (where a lot are predicting him to be). So for him to start out on the third line would be perfect. He has some good speed to be on the energy line and can chip in a few (but not enough to be on the first two lines…yet).

I don’t know why but I like Jeff Taffe. He’s a perfect fourth line player and is a big body (though he needs to throw it around more). I have Tyler Kennedy as a fourth liner but he’ll probably get bumped up and down from the fourth line to the third line. Kennedy is a great third/fourth liner as he’s like the Energizer Bunny, he never ever stops going and going and going. I also feel Cooke will make the lineup over Godard. Cooke is pretty decent agitator that can score every once in a while while Godard is good for fighting. I think Cooke too will be moved from the fourth line to the third line like Kennedy.

On opening day of course, you’ll see something similar to this but then Therrien, as well all know, will change up the lineups every other game.



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