Friday Night ‘Guins – Fifth Edition

Here is the fifth edition of TPP’s Friday Night ‘Guins…

Thought I’d post this in honor of the groundbreaking this past week as this was a truly great moment in Penguins history.

I will never forget that night. All the worries and all the stress that went through Pens fans for years was vanished. The arena deal was done and the Pens were going to stay where they belong.

I don’t think anyone else could’ve announced that better than Mario did. “Your Pittsburgh Penguins will remain right here in Pittsburgh, where they belong!” Saying it in such a bold and serious matter was perfect and right to the point. You can definitely tell Mellon Arena was ROCKING that moment and of course every Penguins fan across the country gave out a big ‘YES!’.

Of course, earlier that day when news struck that the Pens were staying in Pittsburgh, I went to my favorite place to talk Pens hockey at LetsGoPens. And of course, EVERYONE was buzzing and leaving “I can’t believe this day has come” comments. Even I had to pinch myself in disbelief this day HAS come and the Pens won’t be going to Kansas City or wherever.

(Suck it Kansas City)

That night was also the perfect night to announce it. It was a playoff type atmosphere against the best team in the East, in the Sabres and the Pens won an exciting game with an awesome finish.

All and all, it was an awesome day to be a Pens fan that night. Everything with the new arena deal to the game, it was just a flat out great day. EASILY one of my top 3 moments as a Pens fan.



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