Predictions You Can Take To The Bank

Methinks Flower will have a big year

Methinks Flower will have a big year

Since training camp is coming upon us soon, I thought I’d make my ‘Top 10 predictions for the 08/09 Penguins’…

(Some will surprise you, some won’t)

1. Penguins will win the Atlantic Division.

2. If he’s healthy the full year, Marc-Andre Fleury will win over 40 games.

3. Sidney Crosby wins the Hart, Art Ross and Lester B. Pearson trophies.

4. Max Talbot scores 20+ goals.

5. Pens start out slow early on (again).

6.  Pez will only play 20 games for the Pens due to not enough NHL experience and mostly plays in the AHL (but expect for him to have a big impact in the 09/10 season).

7. Gonchar will be screwed out of an All-Star appearance AGAIN.

8. Satan scores more than 30 goals but under 35 goals.

9. One of the AHL guys makes a big impact this season (like Pootie Tang last year).

And for the final prediction for the 08/09 Penguins…

10. The Pittsburgh Penguins will NOT make the Cup Finals again this year and get upset in the second round.

Agree with some? Disagree with some?



One Response to “Predictions You Can Take To The Bank”

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    […] not predicting the Pens to go back to the SCF. In fact, I got the Pens being upset in the second round. However, this whole crap about them possibly not making the playoffs and finishing in 7th or 8th […]

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