Friday Night ‘Guins – Fourth Edition

Here is the fourth edition of TPP’s Friday Night ‘Guins…

As a Pens fan, that was an AWESOME, AWESOME day. That whole game, starting out with Colby Armstrong goal and to end it out on the Crosby’s clutch moment was a perfect game.

Of course I gotta comment on the classic blue jerseys. Man when I first saw them being actually worn, I fell in love with them. Can’t wait to see them next year.

But to go over the shootout…

Some people didn’t like it, but I did. When the players carried the puck into the zone in the shootouts, they couldn’t go their full speed in fear they’d lose the puck. However, for me, it actually felt like an outdoor game with the snow on the ice to prevent the players going full speed. It brought true REALNESS of an outdoor game and I thought it was awesome!

I remember watching Kotalik scoring and aweing at how LOUD it was in there. I wasn’t even there and I could tell the uproar was loud.

Then POOTIE TANG (Kris Letang’s new nickname) did what the announcers said he couldn’t do and that was get ‘fancy’ with it. He made a sweet move on Miller, then went backhand to tie the shoot-out. With all the circumstances considered, that was actually a pretty sick goal. To make a move like that, go backhand and lift the puck up with all the snow must’ve been really tough. I don’t know where Letang got those moves when he’s a defenseman…wow.

After watching this again, I never realized how good of a save Conklin made on Maxim Afinogenov. He was coming in fast and had a tricky wrist shot and it was an unexpected move for him to go that fast in an outdoors game. Conklin made a HUGE glove save and robbed him.

Then after Afinogenov went, the moment happened.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect ending. Sidney Crosby, the golden boy of the NHL, had the game on his stick. When I realized the game came down to Crosby, I said outloud, “GAME OVER!” I knew he was going to score. You knew he was going to score. EVERYONE including their grandmother knew he was going to score.

He scored.

I didn’t think he scored at first, then I heard Doc Emerick shreek “SKKKEEOORRE! CROSBY WINS IT!” I ran around and started to flip out. It was an exhilarating moment and an awesome one at that.

Like the saying goes, ‘big players step up in big situations’. And Crosby’s nickname that day was ‘CLUTCH’.



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