And It’s Underway…

What a beautiful site

What a beautiful site

Today has finally come. The groundbreaking of the new arena began today as Mario Lemieux, Governor Ed Rendell and other state officials did the ceremony ‘dirt tossing’ (uhh I don’t know what else to call it other than groundbreaking and I already said that).

When I first saw this article, all I could think of was how close the Pens were to leaving and becoming the ‘Kansas City Penguins’. It truly is an awesome thing to hear that the new arena is underway and only two years away. Though it does suck to say goodbye to Mellon Arena and it’s memories. It’s great to say hello to a new arena and say hello to its memories.

It’s truly a blessing to have the Penguins in Pittsburgh for a very long time. It’s another one to have Mario Lemieux, who’s saved the Pens time and time again from leaving, as our owner.

The Pens website has also created a page that involves anything and everything about the new arena. Seeing all the slide-shows plus the virtual tour video of the new arena, it looks like it’s going to be SICK! I’m so pumped for it in 2010-2011. Definitely going to take a trip or two up there that season.

Oh and the seating capacity will be 18,087. That’s not a coincidence that the last numbers are ’87’ is it? I mean there isn’t a player that’s on the Pens that has wears the number ’87’ is there? (My lame attempt to be funny….it didn’t work out).



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