It’s Called Crosby-Envy

Dont be jealous

Don't be jealous

A topic of discussion here at TPP is inspired by a thread on HFBoards is a topic that I’m just flat out sick and tired of. It gets to the point where I’m starting to get immune to it and I better expect to happen more in the coming years. I see it everywhere on hockey message boards and hear it from my friends who aren’t Penguins fans and I’m sure that you’ve heard it or you have these opinions.

So I’ve decided to face the topic and hear all the arguments on why Sidney Crosby is hated on so much. Put my two cents in and defend the reasons why Crosby is hated.

Then I realized, most of the reasons are really dumb and some of the arguments for them are even dumber.

So here they are…

Reason Number 1: Crosby is a diver…

Okay I’ll admit it. Crosby DOES embellish a bit more than most NHL players. But is he a diver? No. If you want to see a diver, watch Scottie Upshall, then you’ll know who dives in this business.

But anyways, anytime Crosby tries to sell a call, he gets called a ‘diver’ by the NHL world. Newsflash: EVERY PLAYER TRIES TO SELL CALLS. However, the fact they’re not called divers, yet Crosby does, annoys me the most. If you’re going to call Crosby a diver, then call the whole league one. Every other player does the same thing that Crosby does yet Crosby’s the one who gets the most flak from it.


Ovechkin dives here and it’s talked by no one. If Crosby did this, oooohhhh man, he would’ve got bashed and reminded constantly of it. Ovechkin does it and you only hear it that one night while Crosby still gets crap that happened when he was a rookie. Coincidence hmm?

Of course since Crosby is possibly the most watched and hated player in the league, many fans like to pick on him for stuff like this more than any other player. Sure Crosby did do a good bit of diving during his rookie season, I’ll admit it, but he’s matured and doesn’t pull that stuff nearly as much.

Reason Number 2: Crosby is a whiner…

Like the diving part, is was okay to call Sid that during his rookie season because he DID whine then…a lot.

However, Crosby has grown up. He’s not the same whiner that he was when he was 18. During his rookie season, every time someone called him out or he didn’t get a call, he whined about it. Okay so saying that he was a whiner AFTER his rookie season is a-okay with me.

But now saying that he’s a whiner doesn’t make sense. If some people would actually watch the game for once instead of making observations about him during his rookie season then they’d realize he doesn’t whine to the refs or to other players anymore.

I don’t even know how you can call him a whiner when he doesn’t complain to the media. If you hear his interviews he never complains about bad calls or other players. Doesn’t even mention it or give a little hint of it. Not even during his rookie season.

Reason Number 3: Crosby gets talked about too much on TV…

I’ll admit it. Crosby does get talked about A LOT during games on NBC, Versus and during highlight shows like on ESPN. But here’s the thing…that’s not his fault. Crosby doesn’t tell NBC, Versus and ESPN to showcase him every 5 seconds. The networks decide to do that…not Crosby. Hate the networks, not Sid.

Just another reason for people to hate on Crosby, I guess. Don’t know how to explain that one.

Reason Number 4: Crosby has a ‘mightier than all’ attitude…

This is where I go…WHAT?! Crosby is THE most boring person in interviews. He doesn’t show any emotion and never says the wrong thing unlike some players of the caliber of Crosby in today’s sports. When he scores he doesn’t run up and smack himself against the glass unlike a certain hockey player *cough*Ovechkin*cough*. In interviews he always gives credit to his teammates and is never about himself. He even said that the lowest point of his career was when he lost in the 2008 SCF and not when he suffered the major injury that kept him out for many games to prevent him to win the Hart and Art Ross.

Just some made up garbage that other fans decide to make up that’s completely untrue. I guess they try to make something up to fit their agenda’s to keep on hating on Crosby.

Reason Number 5: Crosby is a wussy…

Unfortunately I don’t hear the word ‘wussy’ instead I hear the word that rhymes with the word wussy but we’re not gonna go there.

Anyway, Crosby’s been getting this for pretty much his whole life let alone his career (though Crosby probably thinks his life is his career). Reason for it is because he’s not the one to throw the hits or the one that’s very physical. That’s not Crosby’s game though. His game is finesse and using his speed to get through the other team – everyone knows that.

However, Crosby can be physical and is actually hard to take down. He works the boards and works the edge through physical contact and usually doesn’t go down. If he needs to get physical, he will and has. He’s taken so much abuse from the rest of the league that I really don’t think there is any way for him to be NOT physical.

But hey, I love the hate. Bring on the hate every day. It means that he’s doing something right. Gretzky and Lemieux always got hate and I guess you can say Crosby will go down as one of the ‘hated ones’ that turn out to be one of the best. 

Of course he plays for my team so I’ll defend him. About Sid playing for my team though, a big part of the hatred towards Crosby is jealousy. Every single fan of every single team would give up an arm and a leg to have Crosby but they don’t. So they decide to hate on the kid since he owns their team when they play him. It’s another reason why I love the hatred towards Crosby. He’s on my team, not yours. My team gets the star, yours doesn’t. My gain, your loss. Deal with it.

And on that note…



One Response to “It’s Called Crosby-Envy”

  1. Eric K Says:

    You are bang on with this post. The ‘Crosby is a diver/whiner/sissy’ arguments are outdated by about 3 years.
    You’re right on the money when you say that all the criticism stems from jealousy. If Crosby were on another team, I’m sure there would be Pens fans coming up with the same b.s. remarks.
    Fact of the matter is, Sid is the best in the business right now, and will be for a long time. That seems to be too tough of a pill for opposing fans to swallow.
    I guess all we can do is grin and bear it, knowing that someday (hopefully) Sid’s ‘diving/whining’ will be one of the biggest factors in the Penguins hoisting the Stanley Cup.
    Great post, keep up the good work.

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