Friday Night ‘Guins – Third Edition

I had to make it earlier today because I won’t be home tonight to post.

Anyways, here’s the third edition of TPP’s Friday Night ‘Guins…

I don’t care who you root for whether it’s the Penguins, Red Wings, Capitals, Rangers, Sharks, or whoever, that was one of the greatest Stanley Cup games EVER!

As a die-hard Pittsburgh Penguins fan, that was probably THE greatest moment as a Penguins fan for me ever (I wasn’t old enough to remember the Pens Stanley Cup years in 91 and 92). To stay up with that team till 1 AM when I had to wake up at 6:30 the next morning was unbelievable. The whole time I was thinking “okay when will Detroit score and send us home?” It got to the point where I was almost wishing the Wings would score so that they can end my and every other Penguins fans misery.

But Petr Sykora had other plans. As soon as all these thoughts ran through my head, BOOM! The Pens get a four minute powerplay (that’s longer than a regular two minute powerplay for the uneducated). However, time and time again the Pens let me down during this whole series so I wasn’t expecting anything positive to happen during the powerplay.

Then the moment happened. As I was standing right in front of my TV with my Sidney Crosby jersey that I always wear during games and my backward Pens hat staying loyal with them as always, Sykora made his mark. The next thing I know is I see Sykora’s wicked shot go in the back of the net and all I hear is Doc Emerick shreek that famous “skkkeeoooooorre!” goal call.

What happens then? I did what every Penguins fan did – went BALISTIC. I was then running around my room like a crazy, wild man screaming “YEEEESS!!!!!” (I think I woke the neighbors). I couldn’t believe it. That whole game with the Pens being up by two, then Talbot scoring with less than 40 seconds to tie the game and then to go through THREE OVERTIMES in a game where the Penguins NEEDED to win and then to see Sykora score was a moment I couldn’t believe.

My thoughts after that night were happy, excited, crazy, joy, tired, winded, shock all at the same time. Even though the Pens ended up losing a heartbreaker in Game 6, I will NEVER EVER forget that game.



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