Our Sidney is growing up so fast!

No longer a Kid anymore

No longer a "Kid" anymore

Next Thursday, he won’t be “Sid the Kid” anymore. No, no, he’ll be “Sid the MAN”. Crosby turns 21 next week which can only mean one thing…..beer.

Q: What does turning 21 mean for you?

A: To be honest, it doesn’t change anything on the ice. Off the ice, I’m able to drink. I look at it like this: At 19, I’m an adult in Canada. Now, I’m an adult all the way around.

Q: So what adult beverage does “Sid the Kid” drink?

A: Jack Daniels or Crown Royal.

Q: How did being under the legal drinking age in the United States limit your off-ice activities with teammates?

A: All the guys were great about that, actually. The good thing about being on a young team is that all the guys knew we had three guys under 21. Anything we did, we all could be a part of. I didn’t miss out on anything.

It’s so weird seeing Sid talking about drinking. As long as I’ve followed Crosby, he’s always been the silent one that never portrayed the ‘bad boy’ image or doing something like drinking. Of course he’s going to go out and drink next Thursday but it’s still weird.


However, this interview isn’t just about Sid turning 21, there’s also more to the article that I find awesome…

Q: What did you learn during your first season as team captain?

A: That I’m still learning. I’d like to be a better leader. I really think it’s a matter of recognizing things and using my experience from last year to recognize when something needs to be said or handled. There are certain moments when you have to be more of a leader. It’s hard to explain, but last year helped make me more aware of that.

LOVE that quote right there. He’s so incredibly humble and always striving to get better. Winners and champions always have that trait and Crosby’s had it his whole career now.

Q: What is your greatest disappointment?

A: Being so close and not winning the Cup is still hard to digest

It was tough for Penguins fans to take the loss but I can’t even imagine how bad it’s eating at Crosby.

Q: How much more motivated are you to win the Stanley Cup after losing in the final?

A: I thought I was motivated before. It’s definitely more now. Being that close and not being able to do it — it’s just hard. The quicker you can get back and win it, the better.


Oh man, what an AMAZING quote. Watch out for a more hungrier Crosby this year. Hungry Crosby = NOT GOOD (well not for the other 29 teams).

Q: How did you react upon learning Marian Hossa would not re-sign with the Penguins?

A: I was pretty surprised. He told me that he really enjoyed it in Pittsburgh. He loved the team and the city. He never had one bad thing to say.

Q: Have you spoken with Hossa since he signed with Detroit?

A: We’ve played phone tag, but I haven’t talked to him yet. I thought he liked it here. He was great to play with. It’s too bad.

Q: What is your reaction when a former teammate that played alongside you in the Stanley Cup final says another team gives him a better chance to win the Stanley Cup next year?

A: To be honest, if you look at (the Red Wings), they haven’t lost anyone. We came within two games, but they won, and they haven’t lost one guy. Maybe on paper they have the best chance to win the Cup and, in his mind, that is what he thinks. If you ask anybody else, that’s the way it looks. I’m not mad at him or anything like that. That’s just the way it is.

Does anyone else agree with me that Crosby has some hate against Hossa in those words? I certainly thinks he does. The thing is though, he won’t show it and that’s what I love about Sid. He sounds like he’s 35 when he’s only 20. So mature and so well spoken to not ‘bad mouth’ Hossa.

Pretty cool interview by Crosby.

Okay now I’m pumped for hockey season. COME SOONER OCTOBER!



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