Friday Night ‘Guins – Second Edition

Here is the second edition…

I was watching this live when the interview occurred and oh man, I was laughing hysterically during and after it.

I love it when he’s like “and me play good” *shrugs*. If you watch closely (and I hope you did), he’s pretty much saying “yeah, no one can stop me”. But Malkin being his awesome self decides to stay humble and say “me play good”. Although a part of it I think has to do with him not being able to speak English (well duh!).

I thought the best part though was when he’s says “SMILE?!” HA! It was the only word he understood. I started to cry of laughter when he did that. Ole’ Danny Potatsh must’ve felt weird in that situation.

Another thing I love about this video is that Geno looks A LOT like his mama. Definitely shows that he got her looks.

Oh Geno how Pittsburgh loves you and your awkward Russian ways.



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