Blue Jerseys?…Melike

Get used to seeing that more often

Get used to seeing that more often

It’s the news we’ve been all waiting and hoping for. Yes the Pittsburgh Penguins will wear the Winter Classic jerseys as their third jerseys for next season.

The Pens have confirmed that they submitted a design similar to what they wore during last years’ Winter Classic for approval as their third jersey.

The aforementioned jersey (pictured at the top of this article) is a replica of the Penguins’ home jersey that they began wearing during the 1968-69 season, their second full season in the NHL.

The throwback Winter Classic jerseys were an instant success, reminding Penguins’ fans of Old Time Hockey. It would be a rare occurrence to attend a game at Mellon Arena and not spot at least ten of these jerseys in the crowd.

I think I speak for all Penguins fans when I say…


Awesomeness. This is just flat out awesomeness. I loved the blue, throwback jerseys last year and I’m glad that the Pens will be do that again next year, but as their official ‘third jersey’. It was an instant success as more and more Penguins fans actually bought the light blue jerseys and light blue hats. You could spot many fans wearing a blue jersey in Mellon Arena last year. Expect the blue jerseys and hats to get more popular with this announcement.

I also hope other teams wear the throwbacks too. Buffalo’s last season looked SWEET and I’m sure other teams could come up with cool looking throwbacks as well. I’d love to see Edmonton’s old jerseys from the 80s when they had a dynasty, that would be pretty sick.

Kudos to the Penguins management staff of getting this done. Obviously this isn’t a surprise to anyone as there have been rumors since March of this happening but sometimes team management screws it up. They actually are giving the fans what they want.

Can’t wait to see them being worn in Mellon Arena next year!



One Response to “Blue Jerseys?…Melike”

  1. christophergates Says:

    Gotta agree, the blue jerseys are solid. I’ve got season tickets and, after the Winter Classic, there were a ton at every game. Literally like two or three in each section. I’m probably gonna join that bandwagon and get one myself – they are ‘Classic’…no pun intended.

    ~Chris @

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