What’s Their Impact? – Part Deux

He even looks like Satan

So with the recent losses of multiple players, Penguins GM Ray Shero knew he had to make some moves and sign some players to fill the voids of the players that the team just lost. Of course with the Pens having elite talent in Crosby and Malkin, the need for acquiring superstars wasn’t THAT high. As long as Ray-Ray can fill the roster in with decent to solid players, they’ll easily be a Cup contender again…which is exactly what Ray-Ray did.

Let’s see which players will impact the season positively and possibly (but hopefully not) negatively…

Miroslav Satan – “WHAT?! Satan in a Penguins jersey?!” Yeah that was my reaction too. Not saying I’m mad about it, because I’m certainly not, but it’s going to be weird to see that man wearing a Pens jersey.

Anyways, picking up Satan, though not a HUGE pick-up, should be a solid one since he’ll be on Crosby’s line. Even though Satan had a bad season last year with only 16 goals with the Islanders, he’s been able to score over 25 goals from the 1998-1999 season till the 2006-2007 season. Expect Satan to hit those numbers this year with the Pens as he’ll be playing with the best in Crosby and be actually on a GOOD team, unlike that pathetic excuse for a team in Long Island.

Satan is known for his sniper shot and that should also help out the Pens in shoot-outs as well. If he can produce 25+ goals, which he easily should, I’d be content with the Satan pick-up.

Ruslan Fedotenko – Like Satan, Feds (that’s why I’m calling him), didn’t do well either with the Isles like he normally does. I find it amazing that he had 33 points on a team as bad as the Isles.

Even though he’s a little past his prime, he still can be an effective player on a good team. We all saw how he performed for the Lightning when they were elite. Hopefully being on the Pens and playing with Malkin will rejuvenate his game. I believe Feds will be like Ryan Malone where playing with someone of a caliber of Malkin will make him a lot better than he is. Of course that’s easier said than done. First you need to identify and match each other’s playing styles, then you need chemistry, then you need other factors such as experience before becoming what Malkin and Malone were.

If he can do that, which I think he can with time, he should be a solid player on the Pens second line.

Matt Cooke – Matt Cooke = Jarkko Ruutu. Nahh, I take that back. Matt Cooke is a better version of Jarkko Ruutu. Now I’d take Ruutu over Cooke because he has more experience and chemistry however Cooke is the better player.

Cooke has proven to be on the same level of an agitator as Ruutu. Something that I’m sure he’ll do and probably knows already is that he needs to protect Crosby and Malkin when needed. Ruutu was great at that and Cooke needs to as well. Cooke is also a better scorer than Ruutu was/is which should help him smooth nicely into the Penguins system.

Right now, Cooke looks to be a solid replacement for RUUUUTTUU (can’t get enough of that).

Janne Pesonen – NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! Oh man I hope they play that song in Mellon Arena sometime. Oh yes, Pez is now famous for the Youtube video that was posted on the Pens website when they signed him and that catchy “NA! NA! NA!”, Finnish song.

Pez may be an unknown for the Penguins fans that don’t follow them during the off-season. However, I have a feeling when he steps out onto the ice, he won’t be an unknown anymore and people will start to take notice. Pez scored 78 points in just 56 games in the Finnish League and contributed 16 points during the post-season. If he can adapt to the NHL style, he can be great and could even be on Crosby’s line for the majority of the year. Expect Pez to be on the third line though to start the year but don’t be surprised to see him on Crosby’s first line in no time.

Eric Godard – Eric Godard = George Laraque. An enforcer that doesn’t play much but when he does, he can hit and fight like no other. Godard probably won’t play often due to his poor skating and his lack of effectiveness on the ice. However, he’s a force to handle when he is out there. Godard though will mostly primarily be a ‘healthy scratch’ on most nights.

Overall, the Pens losses will hurt but if their replacements can play up to their potential, they should be fine. Ray-Ray did what he should’ve done. Sign cheap, decent players to fill in the line-up and to surround the core players. Good job Ray-Ray.



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