Therrien Gets New Three-Year Contract

Oh boy, three more years of constant line changing and no pluralization from the Penguins head coach.

I think we all knew that Therrien was going to be the coach of the Penguins considering the insane turnaround the Penguins had from two seasons ago when they were one of the worst in the league and are now one of the best. He took an extremely young team to the Stanley Cup Finals and was two wins away from having his team win the Stanley Cup. So yeah, I feel that should allow him to have one or two more years.

But I feel this contract will be one year too long. The reason Therrien won so much was because he had a pretty damn good team in front of him and he didn’t have to do much to make them a winner with two of the best players in the league.

What most Penguins fans, including myself couldn’t stand was the constant line changing. Last season, Petr Sykora had a bad stretch of several games where he wasn’t scoring. Of course only a little handful of players don’t go through this but Therrien decides to put Sykora on the third line instead of keeping him on the second line. What? Why? A move that made everyone scratch their heads. Why take a player that is struggling on a player like Malkin, on his line and put him on a completely different line that he has no chemistry with?

With Therrien, you also have the many reports that the players are against him. At the beginning of last year when the Pens were struggling, several media outlets reported that some of the players were displeased with Therrien and his coaching. An elite team like the Penguins can’t have this. They can’t have a guy like Therrien that takes their mind off the ice and screws up team chemistry. Do that and the Pens don’t get far in the playoffs.

I don’t know. Therrien hasn’t totally screwed things up yet so I guess he deserves a couple more years. But if he keeps doing what he has done the past couple years (ling changing, making players mad), my opinion will definitely change. Let’s say though the Pens do win the Stanley Cup in the next 3 years, well then I would admit to being wrong and give him the credit that would be due.



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