Penguins Release 2008/2009 Schedule

2008/2009 Season Schedule:

I’d copy the whole schedule onto the post but it’d be incredibly too long.

Some tidbits about the schedule…

-I like that right after the trip in Sweden, the Pens will be home for 5 straight games. They’ll also have five days of rest before they play their home opener against New Jersey.

-However…the Pens notoriously poor starts + Stanley Cup hangover + Ottawa, Ottawa, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Washington could be brutal.

-Only two 10 PM or later games. At San Jose on October 28th and at Phoenix on October 30th – back to back games.

-I like seeing Edmonton, Minnesota, Vancouver, Anaheim, Columbus, and Calgary come to Pittsburgh as we normally don’t play them. Oh the luxury of playing every team in the NHL with the new schedule now-a-days

-November 11th and February 8th are days to remember and days of revenge!

-March 14th-April 1st 8 STRAIGHT HOME GAMES….melike.

-18 games start at or before 5 PM…that’s A LOT of daytime games. Guess that’s the reality though of having the most well known/endorsed player in the league (that’s Sidney Crosby for the uneducated).

-Sunday, February 22nd and Sunday, March 8th, the Penguins play the Washington Capitals in Washington. Oh you better believe half of the arena will be wearing gold and black!

-At Boston on New Year’s Day….melike.

-Penguins end out the season with a game at Montreal…possible tie-breaker game for first place for the Eastern Conference?

I love the NHL’s new scheduling format where every team will play every team in the league. Should be some exciting games against teams in the Western Conference.

Looking at the schedule makes me want October to come oh so badly! I can’t wait!



One Response to “Penguins Release 2008/2009 Schedule”

  1. Dan Says:

    Defiantly liking the playing every team in the league, more variety, not the same twenty teams over and over again, as Ben said…me like. Also, the day time games are going to kick some major ass, and the NYD game in Boston.
    The brutal start at the beginning is the only the thing thats got me worried though, especially coming off the loss in the cup series, and the tough schedule in the first several games that they have, however, they make it through that tought stretch, and i believe we are in for an interesting year of Penguins Hockey.

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